How to Transfer Photos from/to iPod Device

PodTrans Pro can help you manage and transfer all types of photos on your iPod device, including camera roll, photo stream, photo library, and my albums. Follow the steps below you can know how to copy and move camera roll, photo video and my albums to computer and other iPod devices.

Step 1: Connect your device to computer and click "Photos" folder on the main interface.


Step 2: Take Photo Library as an example and click it for further steps. Pick one or more pictures to refresh, delete, and transfer to computer & iPod device. If you want to choose particular pictures, you can press Ctrl button or directly select an area to fulfill the task.

In addition, you can choose another preview mode to select the pictures you want.

1. Transfer photos between iPod devices, please connect at least two iPod devices.

2. You can also add photos from computer to Photo Library apart from the basic operations like delete, refresh or other.

3. For albums created on your device, you can only delete them on device and transfer them to the computer with PodTrans Pro. For albums added on computer via PodTrans Pro, you can add, delete pictures or albums and transfer them to the computer or iPod device.


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