iMobie PodTrans Pro Online Guide

Welcome to PodTrans Pro online help guide. Giving a view on the guide below, you can get more available information about your iPod device files and find more practical solutions to manage & transfer your music with playlists, audio & video & media files, photos, messages, contacts, books & voice memos, apps, backups as well as iCloud data on your iPod.

Part 1: Getting Started

PodTrans Pro Overview

Please launch PodTrans Pro and view interface after installing it on your computer.

PodTrans Pro Supported Files

Here is the list for all types of files that PodTrans Pro supported.

Part 2: Transfer Media Files

Rebuild iTunes Library

Sync the media files to iTunes from your iPod device, such as music, playlists, apps etc.

Export Media Files to Computer

Transfer music, photos (camera roll, photo stream, photo library, photo share, etc), books, apps, bookmarks and notes to your computer.

Transfer Contents Between iPod Devices

Copy media files, such as music, ringtones, voice memos, movies, photos, app, etc, from one iPod device to another one.

Import Media Files to iPod Devices

Selectively import various types of media files from computer to the current iPod device.

Part 3: Transfer Diverse Files

Transfer and Manage Media Files

This detailed guide shows you how to sync media files from your iPod device.

Transfer Photos from/to iPod Device

Introduce a brief guide to transfer photos from iPod device to computer or other iPod devices.

Install and Uninstall Apps

PodTrans Pro helps you backup apps to computer or other iPod devices, and uninstall apps from the current iPod device.

Export Personal Data

PodTrans Pro helps to export your personal data from your iPod Touch.

Manage iCloud Content on iPod Device

Browse all your detailed iCloud backups to sync them to computer.

Part 4´╝ÜClone File With PodTrans Pro

Clone Feature Supported File Types

Here you can check the complete list of media files and personal data types supported by Clone feature in PodTrans Pro.

Clone Contents Between Devices

PodTrans Pro provides a convenient solution to help clone contents you need from one iDevice to the other.

Part 5: Merge Files With PodTrans Pro

Merge Feature Supported File Types

Here you can check the full list of media files and personal data types supported by Merge feature in PodTrans Pro.

Merge Contents Between Devices

PodTrans Pro makes it easy to merge contents you need between 2 iDevices.

Part 6: FAQs

Apple Device Not Recognized

If PodTrans Pro cannot find your device, please check the solution here.