The New MacClean Comes with a Full Set of Mac Cleaning & Maintenance Utilities


iMobie Inc., proudly announced MacClean 2. As one of the first OS X El Capitan cleanup solutions, this new Mac Cleaner app comes to give users the best even free cleaning and maintenance solution for their Mac computers and laptops.

MacClean 2

MacClean 2 Is Out

iMobie Inc., proudly announced MacClean 2 ( As one of the first OS X El Capitan cleanup solutions, this new Mac Cleaner app comes to give users the best even free cleaning and maintenance solution for their Mac computers and laptops. Taking the usability and integration as the main footing in the market, MacClean 2 collects 9 essential utilities that are all inspired by the killing features in these classic and top-ranking Mac tuning tools, like WhatSize, MacJanitor, AppZapper, Monolingual, Onyx, etc.

With MacClean 2, OS users could do daily housekeeping on Macs as per their need, such as clearing variety of application / system / Internet browser junks and caches, wiping out unwanted old / large / duplicated / language files, thoroughly uninstall applications and extensions, etc. As a result, users are able to reclaim more free storage space as well as boost up the Mac performance on a daily basis.

"It is of no doubt, that maintaining a Mac is usually overlooked thanks to the excellent performance and experience of the OS X. However, as one of the most useful equipments in an individual's daily activities, your Mac definitely needs an intelligent and efficient cleaning tool" said by Frank Kong, the founder and CEO at iMobie Inc., "So through six month endeavors designing and development, we upgraded our MacClean by adding the Smart Clean and 9 handy maintenance utilities, which we believe are the essential and most complete Mac optimization solutions."

What Is Smart Clean?

The new Smart Clean feature in MacClean 2 aims at helping users clean out a variety of space-hogging junks with extreme easiness, such as Internet junks, user junks, system junks, Trash bin junks, development junks, etc. Taking Mac's safety as the first priority, it knows exactly what are safe to clean and how to clean them without causing potential troubles.

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Smart Clean

Smart Clean

All Mac OS Cleaning & Maintaining Utilities Include:

0ld & large Files - Search for your large/old files and sort them with multiple filters to let you easily remove the unwanted ones.

Duplicates Finder - Find out all identical files or folders on your Mac and offer you an option to get rid of the duplicate ones.

Securely File Eraser - Erase any unwanted files/folders at 3 security levels, making sure your sensitive data are securely removed.

iPhoto Clean - List and delete unneeded hidden copies of images generated when iPhoto auto rotated your photos.

Language File Clean - Your apps are packed with multiple languages, and now you can remove the ones you'll never use.

Binary Junk Remover - Remove all unnecessary binaries to reduce the size and boost performance of your apps.

App Uninstaller - Completely uninstall any unwanted apps from your Mac, without any associated files or traces left.

Extension Manager - View all installed extensions, plug-ins and add-ons, keep the necessary ones and disable/remove the rest.

Trash Sweeper - Empty your Trash bin at 3 security levels, ensuring your confidential files are securely deleted.

Mac OS Cleaning & Maintaining Utilities

Mac OS Cleaning & Maintaining Utilities

Pricing and Availability

MacClean is completely free for Mac OS X users. More information about MacClean, please refer to iMobie official website:

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