How to Download Facebook Photos to Computer as Backup with Ease

This post shows you the way to download Facebook photos to computer. If you need those photos on phone, you can also get an easy way to transfer photos from computer to your iPhone or Android phone. Keep reading and get more.

By iMobie | Posted: Apr. 11, 2018, Last Updated: Apr. 13, 2018
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The Facebook scandal, tens of millions Facebook users’ personal data are harvested by a campaign-related firm, brings many worries among people about cybersecurity and privacy. Here is one email from Mr. Kumar.

Though a huge fan of Zuckerberg I am, currently giving up Facebook seems like a smart choice. The problem is all Facebook photos uploaded previously, how to download them to computer? Any help is appreciated.

If you are just like Mr. Kumar needing to download Facebook photos to computer, this post is exactly what you need. If you need to download Facebook photos to phone, we will also show you one easy way to transfer photos from computer to Android phone or iPhone iPad. Do keep reading and find the way suits you most.

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Method 1. How to Download Facebook Photos to Computer via Facebook Backupper

Facebook Backupper, developed by iMobie Inc., is a free, smart and trustworthy software you can adapt to download Facebook photos, videos, posts to the computer. Following are reasons why Facebook Backupper is the best tool to download Facebook photos.

1. You can flexibly choose what you really need to download from Facebook with Facebook Backupper, in other words, you can download all Facebook photos to computer or just selectively download some Facebook photos to computer.

2. You don’t have to worry about any information leakage anymore. iMobie guarantees everyone that the backup you made via Facebook Backupper is 100% safe and secure since the backup you made is stored locally and no transition via Internet.

3. You can still get the same picture as you posted to Facebook after downloading. Facebook Backupper will do no harm to your picture quality during and after the downloading process.

Now, free download Facebook Backupper and follow us to download Facebook photos.

Step 1Launch Facebook Backupper on your computer (PC/Mac) and then log in your Facebook account.

Step 2Click photos and select the photos you want to download to your computer, hit the Start Backup option.

Step 3Wait for the downloading process to finish. After that, you can view the downloaded Facebook photos on the computer or create another backup.

Method 2. How to Download Facebook Photos on Android/Computer Directly

The following two methods are easy and simple. However, with the method in Part 1, you can only download Facebook photos one by one, which could be troublesome. With the method in Part 2, you can only download all Facebook data, not only all photos, but also previous posts, friends, messages. We strongly suggest you refer to Method 1.

Part 1. How to Download Facebook Photos Online One by One

Step 1Log in your Facebook account on your computer (PC/Mac) or Android phone.

Step 2Scroll to the post with photos you want to download, click on Options > Download. On Android phone, click on the three vertical dots on the upper right corner, tap Save Photo.

Part 2. How to Download All Facebook Photos Online

Step 1Log in your Facebook account on a computer. Click the upside down arrow at the upper right corner. From the menu, click Settings.

Step 2You will be displayed another interface. Click the option of Download A Copy of Your Facebook Data.

Step 3On the next page, click on Start My Archive. Enter your Facebook password and then confirm. Facebook will soon start to create a backup. This may take some time depending on how much data you have on computer.

Bonus Tip: Transfer Downloaded Facebook Photos from Computer to iPhone/Android

As is known to all, if the Facebook photos are deleted permanently, you can never access them on your phone unless you have download Facebook on phone directly or transferred those downloaded Facebook photos from computer to your phone.

Just in case downloaded Facebook photos are needed on your iPhone and Android phone, here we recommend almighty AnyTrans for iOS for all iOS users and powerful AnyTrans for Android for all Android users to transfer downloaded Facebook photos from computer to mobile devices.

Just like Facebook Backupper, AnyTrans is also a powerful software developed by iMobie Inc.. It is designed to be the best iOS and Android data transfer and you can use it to transfer downloaded Facebook photos from computer to iPhone iPad or Android phone. AnyTrans has some excellent features like:

1. Fast transferring speed. According to statistics, AnyTrans can transfer more than 3000 photos within 1 minute.

2. Supporting all photos in different formats. No matter what format your photos in, AnyTrans can always successfully transfer them to your phone.

3. No data erase and information leakage. AnyTrans is Norton and McAfee secured. While transferring, no data on your device will be erased and information leakage would never occur.

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The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you may now have already downloaded Facebook photos to your computer successfully, and if some photos are needed on your phone, they have transferred to your phone. What do you think of this post? Is it helpful? Please do leave comments below or share it with others. By the way, AnyTrans for iOS and AnyTrans for Android are indeed powerful tools to transfer data between the computer and mobile devices. Why not download AnyTrans and start to have a free trial now?


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