How to Fix Instagram Not Working on Android

Instagram stopped working is a common error on Android that you may encounter while using Instagram. In this post, we have given you some of the solutions to fix Instagram not working on Android.

Joy Taylor Last Updated: Apr. 17, 2020

Instagram is one of the most popular social media with over millions of active users. Users can share their photos and videos with others and also see other’s posts. The Android Instagram app worked seamlessly for users, but lately, it has started showing “Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped working” error. Many users have been affected by this error and this error mainly occurs during the processing of photos before uploading.

The Instagram keeps stopping Android error occurs when users go Image processing mode for applying filters and suddenly error message displays on the screen. They are then thrown to the first step after pressing OK on the prompt and the cycle continues. All in all, Users have been troubled due to Instagram keeps crashing Android error, as they can’t post any new photos on Instagram to share it with their friends.  So, in this post, we will tell you some quick solutions to fix Instagram not working on Android error.

How to Fix Instagram Not Working on Android

Instagram has stopped working error is associated with the latest update of Android Instagram app itself and not with the Android firmware. So, it is no serious error and can be easily fixed in a few steps. There are various ways to fix Instagram keeps crashing error.

Tip 1: Reboot Your Android Device

Sometimes a simple reboot of your Android device is enough to fix all kinds of Android error and Instagram keeps stopping on Android is no exception. To restart your Android device, press and hold the power button for a few seconds until you see some options appear on the screen. Tap the Reboot button to reboot your Android device. Then, open the Instagram app and the error should not appear when editing photos.

Tip 2: Clear App Data and Cache

You can also try to clear the app data and cache of the Instagram app to fix Instagram keeps crashing Android. This is usually required when you update the Instagram app and still has the cache data from the old version, which might conflict with the working of the newer version and show the “Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped working”. To clear Instagram app cache and data on your Android device, go to Settings > Application Manager > All apps > Instagram > and tap Clear Data, Clear Cache and then Force Stop.

How to Fix Instagram Not Working on Android

How to Fix Instagram Not Working on Android

Tip 3: Revert to the Previous Version

You can uninstall the latest version of the Instagram app and download a previous version in which you didn’t encounter the error. On contacting the official Instagram support, it has been found that Instagram not working on Android problem started appearing after the latest app update. So, reverting back to the old version should fix the problem until the newer update of the Instagram app is launched.

How to Fix Instagram Not Working on Android

How to Fix Instagram Not Working on Android

That’s all for the methods to turn off safe mode on Android phone or tablet. And for the better management of your Android phone or tablet, you might need an Android manager. AnyDroid is strongly recommended, which enables you to view and manage Android files on computer and transfer files between computer and Android handset, or even between Android devices.

The Bottom Line

Instagram is a popular image and video sharing social media app for Android and iOS devices. Users love Instagram because of its simple interface and convenient image and video sharing features. But for quite some time, users have been experiencing an error like Instagram keeps crashing on Android. A large number of users have been affected by this error and asking everywhere for its solution. We hope the given solutions in this post can help you fix Instagram not working on Android error.

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