How to Fix iMac Screen Goes Black


Do you still suffer from the problem of iMac screen going black? This post will show you how to solve it.


Mar. 27, 2017


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"I just got a iMac 20" 2.1GHz (2006) at first it ran well no problems, but now the screen randomly goes black, system still runs just black screen, if left alone it will go to sleep and can be awaken just fine as if nothing happened but later its black again. any advise would be Appreciated"

iMac screen going black is a quite common malfunction when we use Macs. I have collected several high frequent scenes when iMac screen turns black:

Scene 1. iMac screen goes black randomly, and after turning black, Mac will shut down automatically. When you restart Mac, it will get right.

Scene 2. iMac screen turns black continuously no matter how many times you restart it.

Scene 3. When you are doing something on Mac, for example, watching a movie, the screen goes black suddenly, but the system runs still in background.

Scene 4. It is ok with turning on MacBook Pro plugging in AC adapter, however, when you unplug the power cable, the MacBook screen will immediately go black and shut down.

These four situations are not all about iMac screen changing black. But we can solve all of them with the following method.

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How to Fix iMac Screen Goes Black

When we encounter any one of above-mentioned situations, or others not mentioned about iMac screen going black, we can fix it with just three simple steps.

Step 1. Shut down Mac, if it is still running. And make sure of that the AC adapter is connected to Mac.

Step 2. Start Mac > Press command + option + P + R simultaneously > Stop pressing after hearing open sound four times, and iMac screen will be normal.

How to Fix iMac Screen Goes Black − Step 2

How to Fix iMac Screen Goes Black − Step 2

Step 3. If the step 2 does not work, don't worry, here is the other solution. You need Press shift + control + option + power button simultaneously for one or two seconds. After stop pressing four keys, push power button to start Mac, and iMac screen will not go black.

How to Fix iMac Screen Goes Black − Step 3

How to Fix iMac Screen Goes Black − Step 3

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Bonus Tip: How to Know If Mac Has a Virus

Whether Mac has a virus is always a controversial topic. Many Mac users don't believe Mac can be infected with a virus. In fact, there once was a malware "Flashback", which broke down 600,000 Mac computers. So Mac can get infected with a virus, and how we can tell if our Macs have a virus becomes an important issue. In this tip, we recommend a safe and easy tool to solve this trouble - MacClean.

MacClean is an easy-to-use OS X optimizing tool that works on all Mac computers: MacBook, MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, etc. It can scan your Mac to tell if there is a virus with its Security Issue function. If finding a file infected with virus, you can put the virus-infected file into Quarantine, or delete it directly. To scan your Mac, download MacClean now.

How to Know If Mac Has a Virus with MacClean

Step 1. Download MacClean on your Mac.

Step 2. Open up MacClean > Choose Security Issue > Choose Quick Scan, Custom Scan, or Full Scan > Click Scan to go.

How to Know If Mac Has a Virus with MacClean - Step 2

How to Know If Mac Has a Virus with MacClean - Step 2

Step 3. After scanning, MacClean will tell you which files have been infected with virus. And you can move them to Quarantine, or just remove them directly.

How to Know If Mac Has a Virus with MacClean - Step 3

How to Know If Mac Has a Virus with MacClean - Step 3

You can also use this tool to clean up your Mac, if you find your Mac is very slow, you can refer to this guide: How to Speed up Your Mac >

The Bottom Line

iMac screen going black will not bother you any more with this method step by step. And if you would also like to know how to tell if your Mac has a virus, try MacClean.

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