How to Fix: iPhone X/8/7/6 Calendar Problems

Read on this post to see how to fix some of the most common iPhone X/8/7/6 calendar problems. No matter what your phone OS is, iOS 10 or iOS 11.

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The calendar in my iPhone does not allow me to input new events. It was working fine, and I did nothing different to the phone. When I try to input a new event, it won’t stick.

I couldn’t add calendar events and all the events from the past were disappeared after updating to iOS 11. I haven’t changed or deleted anything.

Here we just list two common iPhone calendar problems, it will also happen on iPad. Those calendar problems can be caused by plenty of reasons. But worry not, as we do have workarounds for those iPhone/iPad calendar problems. And here in this guide, we will list the most reliable and efficient solutions to help you out of those calendar problems in minutes. Compatible with both iOS 10 and iOS 11 devices.

How to Fix: iPhone Calendar Problems

1. Calendar Events Disappeared or Unable to Add New Events

  • If you are using iCloud calendar or other cloud calendar service: Check whether your iPhone/iPad is correctly connected to the Internet first. If the problem still exists, you ought to change the sync settings: Go to Settings > Calendar > Sync > Choose the option you prefer.
How to Fix: iPhone X/8/7/6 Calendar Problems

How to Fix: iPhone X/8/7/6 Calendar Problems

  • Restart your iPhone: Press and hold the Top (or Side) button until the slider appears > Drag the slider to turn off your device > Wait for a few seconds, press and hold the Top (or Side) button again until you see the Apple logo.
  • Change default calendar: Go to Settings > Calendar > Default Calendar and select a calendar under iCloud to make it default.

2. iPhone/iPad Calendar not Syncing

  • Turn Off Calendar Sync then Enable it Again: Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Disable Calendar sync. Wait for a few minutes, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Enable Calendar sync again.
  • Change your sync settings: Go to Settings > Calendar > Sync > Choose the option you prefer. You’re supposed to select All Events for syncing in your calendar.
  • Restart your device and then open the Calendar app on iPhone again.

3. All Calendar Contents Disappeared

If you have backed up calendar events to iCloud or iTunes, then you can choose to restore your iPhone from the backup to recover those disappeared calendar contents. But it is worth mentioning that restoring from iTunes/iCloud backup will erase all your existing data on the device, and replaced by the files in the backup.

If you don’t want to lose any files on your device, or made no available backup before, turn to PhoneRescue – iOS Data Recovery for help. It can help you recover all your deleted or lost calendar contents with no previous data wiped. It supports recovering deleted calendar events from your iPhone/iPad directly, even without backup. More than anything, it enables you to preview the lost calendar events, which makes it possible for you to selectively recover the one(s) you need instead of all contents.

Now, let’s go to download PhoneRescue – iOS Data Recovery on the computer prior, then recover your calendar events with the below simple steps.

Step 1. Launch PhoneRescue – iOS Data Recovery on your computer > Connect your device to the computer via USB cable > Choose Recover from iOS Device mode > Click Right Arrow to proceed.

Recover from iOS without Backup

Recover from iOS without Backup

Step 2. Check Calendar only if you just want to recover calendar > Click OK button to scan your lost calendar events.

Choose Calendar and Continue

Choose Calendar and Continue

Step 3. Preview and select the calendar events you want to recover > Click To Device button to put selected calendar events back to your iPhone Calendar app directly, or you can click To Computer button to store them on your computer.

Select Calendar Data to Recover

Select Calendar Data to Recover

The Bottom Line

Hope the above possible solutions can help you successfully fix your iPhone X/8/7/6 calendar problems. If you have more good solutions for iPhone/iPad calendar problems, just share them in the comment section to help more people who have the same trouble with you.

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