How to Manage Photos on iPhone


As an iPhone 6/6s user, you may be very fond of taking pictures with your phone. How to manage your iPhone photos well? Read this guide to get an easy solution.


Dec. 30, 2015


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AnyTrans – Best Tool to Manage Photos on iPhone

AnyTrans – All-around iPhone Photo Manager

Download AnyTrans to manage your iPhone, iPad and iPod content easily. Now follow this guide to know how to manage photos on iPhone (iPhone 6/6s included).

It is much easy to take high-quality photos with your iPhone (especially for iPhone 6/6s users), however, it may not that easy to manage thousands of the pictures on your iPhone. When it comes to photo managing on iPhone, we have a lot to do, like backing up photos regularly, transferring selected pictures to another iDevice, deleting all photos to free up space, or syncing computer photos to iPhone. So, the management solution for your iPhone photos needs to be much more comprehensive.

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As you could imagine, trying to figure out what is the best way to manage (backup, transfer, delete/add) your iPhone photos all in one place can be a bit of struggling. In this guide, we will show you a full-way iOS file management program that meets all your needs on iPhone photo managing.

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The Tool We Need to Manage iPhone Photos and More

AnyTrans is all you need to manage your iPhone photos, which gives you the best & most comprehensive iOS file management experience. It allows you to transfer, backup, delete and add photos to your iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6/6s with ease. With AnyTrans, you can move all or selected pictures from iPhone to PC/Mac, to flash drive, and to another iDevice directly. It also manages to delete the photos you synced from computer in the photo library.

How to Mange Photos on iPhone 6/6s with AnyTrans

1. First of all, go to download and install AnyTrans on your PC or Mac. Open it and connect your iPhone to computer. You will see AnyTrans’s home page.

Manage Photos on iPhone with AnyTrans

Manage Photos on iPhone with AnyTrans

2. Click Photos and you will see that AnyTrans classified all your iPhone photos according to your iPhone model to Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photo Library, Photo Share, Panoramas, Albums, Bursts, etc. You can easily find the photos you need.

Manage Photos on iPhone with AnyTrans

Manage Photos on iPhone with AnyTrans

3. For example, select Camera Roll, and here you will see all photos on your iPhone camera roll. AnyTrans allows you to manage your iPhone photos by deleting, or transferring them to computer/to another iDevice (click the buttons in section 1). You can also switch the display mode of the pictures by clicking the buttons in section 2.

How to Manage Photos on iPhone with AnyTrans

How to Manage Photos on iPhone with AnyTrans

4. If you want to add photos to your iPhone, you need to go to Photo Library (photos you synced from computer will be stored here). You can click the “+” button to add photos from computer to your iPhone without erasing exsting data.

Manage Photos on iPhone 6/6s with AnyTrans

Manage Photos on iPhone 6/6s with AnyTrans

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The Bottom Line

As an all-sided iPhone file manager AnyTrans also keeps other types of iOS data organized like videos, music, ringtones, voice memo, contacts, notes, messages, etc. It is highly recommended to download the free trial to have a try.

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