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Change Your Voice in Real-Time: 5 Best Voice Changers for Discord Mac

Do you want to make your Discord chats and live sessions more fun? Read this article to find the best voice changer for Discord Mac for real-time voice change!

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Joy Taylor | Last Updated: Jun. 18, 2024
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Change Voice in Real-Time: 5 Best Voice Changers for Discord Mac

  • 180+ lifelike VST and AI voice effects.
  • 3 flexible voice-changing methods.
  • Compatible with 13 popular third-party platforms.

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Changing voice during Discord chats is a lot of fun! Looking for voice changers for Discord Mac free? And if you’re looking to sound like your favorite celebs or movie characters, we have some good news for you.

Whether you want to have some laughs with your Discord buddies or want to remain anonymous, it is possible with a voice changer.

This article will help you find the best voice changer for Discord Mac to change your voice in real-time! With our list of top picks, you can spice up your Discord chats and sound like whoever you want.

So, let’s get started!

Top Picks: 5 Voice Changers for Discord on Mac

With a lot of research, we have rounded up the best Discord voice changers for Mac. No matter who you want to sound like, these tools offer a diverse range of effects and platform support. Let’s dive in and explore these tools!

1. Vozard

When it comes to the best voice changer for Discord and Mac OS, iMobie Vozard stands out with its versatile suite of features. This AI-powered tool offers both generic and AI voice modulation with a highly realistic output.

Unlike most voice changers, Vozard requires no tech expertise. With over 180 sound effects, you can sound like your favorite game characters, cartoons, and even celebrities. The cherry on top is that Vozard lets you change voice both in real-time and from audio files! You can also pre-record your voice with Vozard before applying voice effects.

Vozard Product Page

Vozard Product Page

Free Download for all windows & 100% safe Free Download for all mac & 100% safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Let’s find out some standout features of this powerful tool.

Key Features

User’s Review

Vozard boasts a stellar 4.6 rating out of 5. Users love its intuitive user interface and natural-sounding voice effects. Its seamless integration with various apps adds a whole new dimension to any content. Gamers and content creators seem to have a blast with its versatile voice effects.

Now, let’s move forward to our next option!

2. VoiceMod

The second one on our list is Voicemod, one of the best voice changers for Discord Mac. With over 90 awesome voice filters, Voicemod lets you be whoever you wish to be! From demons, robots, and celebrities to gender swaps, VoiceMod has you covered.

Apart from voice filters, Voicemod offers a Soundboard for Discord to spice up your online chats. And take it a step further by fully customizing voice effects to your liking! So, whether you want to role-play on Discord or have fun in gaming sessions, VoiceMod is a great option to try.

VoiceMod Voice Changer

VoiceMod Voice Changer

Let’s see what else Voicemod has to offer!

Key Features

User’s Review

Voicemod’s fun interface is a well-liked feature of this tool. Users also love the versatile voice effects and the variety of sound effects to liven up Discord chats. However, users have reported performance issues with older systems. Above all, the top-tier customer service is a big hit among users.

In case you’re looking for a voice changer without any extra flair, you can try out the next option.

3. Clownfish Voice Changer

Now, let’s talk about the Clownfish Voice Changer for Discord Mac. If you’re looking for a voice changer that is super easy to work with, Clownfish is your go-to solution. With a simple interface without any complex navigation, Clownfish makes voice conversions a breeze!

With this versatile tool, you get the freedom to change your voice in real time and from written input as well. With 14 different voice effects, you can be an alien, robot, baby, or swap your gender. Unlike most voice changers, Clownfish boasts VST plugin support as well.

Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer

Let’s find out what makes this tool stand out from other voice changers!

Key Features

User’s Review

Clownfish is greatly admired for its ease of use and seamless integration with platforms like Discord, Steam, and Skype. However, some users have complained about its outdated format and performance issues. Overall, it is admired for its voice conversion abilities as a free software.

Now, let’s move on to our next tool, which is an online voice changer for Discord Mac.

4. Media.io

The next in line is Media.io! It is an AI-powered online voice changer to sound like your favorite characters. Whether you want to change your voice, create AI covers, or convert text to speech, this versatile tool has your back.

Media.io works by changing your voice from pre-recorded audio files. You can use over 14 voice effects like Donald Duck, Chipmunk, and Robot to change your voice. But that’s not all. Media.io also offers 13 voice filters for various celebrities to create AI covers.

Media.io Voice Changer

Media.io Voice Changer

Here’s why Medio.io is one of the best online voice changers!

Key Features

User’s Review

Media.io offers a lot of stuff to its users for free, which is a well-liked feature of this platform. Users also love that Media.io goes beyond voice conversions to let you edit audio and video files. However, it does not offer many customization options.

That’s all about Media.io! Now, let’s explore our next tool.

5. Voice.ai

The last one on our list of voice changers for Discord Mac is Voice.ai. This powerful tool lets you convert real-time voices and also create or clone your own sounds. As a community-driven platform, new voices are continuously added to its voice library.

Currently, it offers over 4000 AI-trained voices to use on various apps like Discord, Zoom, Minecraft, and more! With its full suite of audio editing tools, Voice.ai is the ultimate tool for content creators and gamers. Apart from Mac, it is also available for Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Voice.ai Voice Changer

Voice.ai Voice Changer

The following are some key features of this powerful tool.

Key Features

User’s Review

Voice.ai stands out for offering highly realistic and a large variety of voice effects. Users are greatly satisfied with ease of use, regular updates, and active customer service. However, some users have complained about performance issues and the limited features of the free version.

So there you have it! A complete rundown of the best voice changers for Discord Mac. Still don’t know which one to choose? Our brief comparison below can help you make a decision.

Which Mac Voice Changer is Best: Comparison

With the versatile features offered by all of the voice changers, it can be hard to choose the right one. To make it easier for you, below we have compared these tools from different aspects.

Whether you’re concerned about the range of effects, output quality, compatibility, or pricing, the following comparison can help you out!

Products Voice Effects AI Integration Noise Reduction Compatibility Pricing
Vozard 180+ Yes Yes Win & Mac $12.99 /mo
$19.99 /3 mo
$29.99 /yr
$49.99 /lifetime
VoiceMod 90+ Yes Yes Win & Mac $11.97 /3 mo
$23.88 /yr
$59.00 /lifetime
Clownfish 14+ No Yes Win & Mac & Linux & Chrome Free
Media.io 24+ Yes No noise reduction within the tool Online Free voice changer feature.
Full toolkit: $ 95.99 /yr
Voice.ai 4000+ Yes Echo and reverb removal Win & Mac & iOS & Android Basic: $84 /mo
Plus: $205 /6 mo
Pro: $456 /yr

When choosing the best voice changer for Discord Mac, you must consider various factors. These include platform support, diversity of voice filters, sound quality, and pricing. As it happens, iMobie Vozard takes the crown for all of these factors.

Compared to other voice changers, Vozard offers over 180 voice effects at pocket-friendly pricing. Plus, its AI integration and noise reduction features produce the cleanest sounds.

Besides real-time voice change, Vozard also lets you convert pre-recorded audio. You can download it on your Mac device for seamless integration with Discord and various other platforms.

FAQs about Voice changer for Discord Mac

1. What is the best voice changer for Mac?

Vozard is the the best Mac voice changer which offers over 180 voice effects at pocket-friendly pricing. Moreover, its AI integration and noise reduction yield the purest sounds. Besides real-time voice alteration, Vozard permits transforming pre-recorded audio like recording, auido and video fiels.

2. Can I do VoiceOver in Mac?

Choose Apple menu > System Settings, then click Accessibility in the sidebar (you may need to scroll down). Click VoiceOver on the right, then turn VoiceOver on or off.

3. What do streamers use for voice changers?

Vozard, Voicemod, Clownfish, Voice AI, and VoiceMeeter are among the top choices for a Twitch voice changer. Each of these voice changer apps offers a range of features from real-time alteration to versatile audio mixing, catering to different streamer preferences on Twitch.

Final Words

Discord is a great platform to hang out and have fun voice chats with various communities. Whether you are a gamer or a live streamer, changing your voice is an excellent way to maximize the fun!

Luckily, various voice changers for Discord Mac can spice up your live sessions and chats. And these voice converters are not limited to the fun! You can also use these versatile tools to ensure privacy and keep your online identity hidden.

Among the various voice changers we’ve covered in this article, Vozard stands tall with its full suite of features. From providing a variety of voice effects to real-time syncing with other platforms, Vozard is your go-to solution for seamless voice conversions.

Vozard -AI-Powered Voice Changer

Free download Vozard voice changer software to change your voice into anyone you want to enhance online chatting, gaming, live streaming, and content creation experiences.

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