How to Unblock WhatsApp Notifications On Your Phone

Notifications help us stay in touch with friends at all times and respond to their requests promptly, so learning how to unblock WhatsApp notifications is very important for any user.

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The biggest appeal of mobile chatting apps like WhatsApp is their ability to convey messages instantly, but this feature is marginalized if the recipient doesn’t see the message right away. In some cases, that can happen because the settings are not properly adjusted, while in others there could be a technical issue behind it. Whatever may be causing the holdup, a simple solution is probably at hand.

Step by Step Guide on How to Unblock WhatsApp Notifications

In order to enable message notifications on WhatsApp to appear normal and alert you, just follow the detailed instructions for the type of smartphone you have:

How to Unblock WhatsApp Notifications on Android

The procedure of unblocking your notifications is quite simple on any Android-based device. This feature can be managed from the Settings menu on your phone: open the Settings, scroll down and you need to find WhatsApp listed and tap on it.

Unblock WhatsApp Notifications on Android

Unblock WhatsApp Notifications on Android

This action will open a dialogue box with a slider for the option Block all that you can move to the desired position. Once you move the slider to the left, the phone will always display newly arrived notifications.

Tap on the Lock Screen Option

Tap On the Lock Screen Option

Another place to look is your WhatsApp settings, which also need to be properly configured. To check this: Run WhatsApp and open the Settings menu >Tap on Notifications, and then Message Notifications.

This will lead you to a screen where you can indicate which tone should be associated with incoming notifications and whether to activate vibration and pop-ups as well. You can even instruct the phone to flash light of specific color whenever you get a new WhatsApp message.

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How to Unblock WhatsApp Notifications on iPhone

As you might imagine, the same outcome can be achieved in iOS, albeit with a slightly different sequence of steps. To change the status of your WhatsApp notifications on your iPhone, you need to start the application and open the Settings menu which is represented by a gear icon in the lower-left corner. If you choose the Notification item, you will be taken to a screen from which you can control all parameters related to alerts and notifications for this app.

How to Unblock WhatsApp Notifications on iPhone

How to Unblock WhatsApp Notifications on iPhone

Not only you can easily turn notifications on or off by moving a slider, but you can also set up different parameters for group chats. It’s even possible to define specific sounds for messages from certain contacts so that your WhatsApp notifications are completely personalized. When you are finished making changes to this page, just tap on the Save button and new settings will be effective immediately.

Extra Tips on WhatsApp Notifications

There are many tips and tricks related to notifications that experienced mobile users effectively deploy to get the best experience and allow you to enjoy chatting through WhatsApp much more.

Tip #1 – How to Block WhatsApp Notifications

When you are super busy, a constant stream of notifications can be a big distraction, especially if the conversation is trivial. In such instances, it makes perfect sense to temporarily ignore all messages, so learning how to block the WhatsApp notification system can be very useful. Here are detailed instructions for both major mobile platforms:

For Android

The procedure for unblocking WhatsApp notifications works both ways, so you just need to reverse your steps. The same slider on the Settings/Notifications page will de-activate notifications until further notice with a single move, so just go to the appropriate screen and turn off sound and vibration for all incoming messages.

For iPhone

Open the Settings page as in the case of unblocking. On this page, you have to find the slider that indicates whether sound alerts are on, and move it all the way to the left side. For the changes to have effect you also need to save new settings.

Disabling Notifications on an iPhone

Disabling Notifications on an iPhone

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Tip #2 – How to Hide WhatsApp Content in the Notification Bar

Some people don’t want the content of their incoming WhatsApp messages to be visible on the screen until they open the message. For both iOS and Android, this can be accomplished with the same steps below:

  1. Opening the phone’s settings > Finding the Apps and Notification tab, and choosing WhatsApp.
  2. Then you need to select Notifications and make sure the option ‘Show notifications’ on the screen that opens is not active.

Tip #3 – How to Turn off WhatsApp Message Preview

Message previews typically contain the name of the sender, so it’s understandable why some WhatsApp users want to keep them disabled in order to increase privacy. If you are wondering how to hide WhatsApp content in notifications, this can be done simply by adjusting phone settings.

Turn off WhatsApp Message Preview

Turn off WhatsApp Message Preview

By choosing the Settings menu and then finding WhatsApp in All Apps, you can set up what to display on the lock screen. Depending on your choice, you can hide complete content or just sensitive information, such as the identity of the sender.

The Bottom Line

No matter which type of phone and operating system you are using, you can establish full control over your WhatsApp notifications very easily. Blocking and unblocking notifications can be done simply. In case you need to know how to turn off Whatsapp notifications in the notification bar, you can perform this action by changing the settings on your phone. Even if you never changed notification settings before in your life, you should be able to get just the setup you need in a few minutes.

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