How Long Does Verizon Keep Deleted Messages

Some users may wonder how long does verizon keep deleted text messages. Well, in this in-depth article, you’ll get the answer. Besides, you can also know how to recover permanently deleted Verizon message.

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Accidentally delete one or more messages on your device and don’t know whether or not Verizon still has it in its database? We are here to help you confirm that.

Sometimes we mistakenly delete important text messages from our devices and need to retrieve them back. If you use a wireless network like Verizon, you can recover deleted texts without stress. Deleted texts are easy to find on this wireless carrier and that’s because Verizon keeps track of exchanged text, whether deleted or not. Here we will discuss how long Verizon keeps deleted messages on its database and how to retrieve them. Keep reading!

Part 1. How Long will Verizon Keep Text Messages?

Deleted text messages exchanged via Verizon wireless network are stored on the server for 10 days (240 hours). After this period, the content of the message is removed from its database, and you cannot reaccess them.

However, you can get basic details such as sender and recipient information.  Mind you, these details also have deadlines. Verizon keeps your message details for 90 days (3 months). Should you request message details after this time, you may not get them.

Part 2. Will Verizon Recover Deleted Text Messages?

Verizon will help you retrieve deleted text messages from its database so far you’re not requesting after the stipulated time frame. There are numerous ways by which you can recover deleted text messages from Verizon.

Below are some of the best ways to retrieve Verizon deleted messages:

1. Using Verizon Cloud

Verizon Cloud is the backup facility designed by Verizon to store users’ data files such as text messages, and more. You can bring back those deleted text messages to your device with minimum stress using the backup facility.

To retrieve deleted text messages from Verizon using Verizon cloud, try the options below:

On Website

Go on the official website for Verizon and enter your details in appropriate fields to access your profile page. Once you gain access, follow the instructions below:

  • Head to where you have Account, click on it and select Add-one & apps from the options that appear.
  • Next, tap on Verizon Cloud.
  • Once done, locate the Manage Add-on button, click on it and tap on Access Verizon Cloud.
  • Now navigate to How to access Verizon Cloud page and click on the Verizon Cloud web portal underneath the Access My Cloud section.
  • Go to Settings, and select Trash > Media.
  • Next, click on Contacts and ensure you tick the box next to the messages you wish to restore.
  • Tap on Restore and click OK. Your messages will be retrieved in no time.
Recover Deleted Message via Verizon Cloud

Recover Deleted Message via Verizon Cloud

On App

Install and launch the Verizon app on your device. When the app opens, apply the instructions below to recover deleted text messages:

  • At the upper left corner of the Verizon app screen, click on the Navigation menu.
  • Next, tap on Settings and select Tools > Content Restore.
  • Now tick the box next to Messages and tap on Restore. Verizon will immediately fetch the deleted messages and send them to the corresponding mobile device.
Recover Deleted Verizon Message via App

Recover Deleted Verizon Message via App

2. Using Verizon Messages App

Verizon did a brilliant job developing messages app where exchanged texts are stored for future reference. You can restore deleted messages via this option by following the detailed procedures below:

  • Download and install the latest version of Verizon Messages App from the appropriate source. Once done, launch the app to retrieve deleted messages.
  • Locate the Menu icon at top left corner of your screen, and tap on it,
  • Select Settings > Account.
  • Next, click on Restore Messages to retrieve the deleted texts. Alternatively, you can tap on Restore from SD Card, and click on the appropriate keys to restore deleted Verizon messages.

Part 3. Verizon Alternative: Recover Permanently Deleted Text Message from Android

Should you delete text messages from Verizon Cloud or perhaps can’t access them because you’ve exceeded the stipulated time frame, you don’t have to panic. There’s another way to retrieve deleted messages, including the permanently deleted ones. All that you need is an Android data recovery tool like DroidKit.

DroidKit is one of the most powerful data recovery solutions for Android operating systems. This tool saves you from Android data troubles like the accidental deletion of text messages, lost photos, misplaced contact and more. You can do a lot with this software without compromising your data.

With this software, you can recover lost or deleted social media data files. DroidKit connects with popular social networking platforms like WhatsApp. So when you mistakenly delete your chats, attachments and more, you can rely on DroidKit to help you retrieve them. You can also use it to recover deleted data from your SD Cards.

Besides recovering data files, DroidKid fixes over 10 Android system issues. From updating/reinstalling Android OS, to the batch deletion of useless data files to enhancing phone performance and more. DroidKit can also be used to bypass locked screens, manage, and extract data.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Key Features

  • Recovers over 13 lost or deleted data types such as photos, messages, videos, call logs, calendar, audio, etc.
  • Allow user to preview the deleted data before recovering it.
  • 4 modes provided to recover deleted Verizon message.
  • 1-click to Bypass any locked screen [Patterns, PINs, fingerprint, face unlock and more]

Install DroidKit on your computer, launch it for operation and follow the stepwise guide below to recover deleted Verizon messages:

Step 1: When DroidKit opens, locate Data Recovery and select Deep Recovery from Device.

Choose Deep Recovery from Device under Data Recovery

Choose Deep Recovery from Device under Data Recovery

Step 2: Now head to where you have Messages and tick the box next to it. Connect your Android to your computer using a USB cable and click on Start.

Select the Data Type You Need to Recover

Select the Data Type You Need to Recover

Step 3: Choose the text messages you want to retrieve and click on To Device or To PC. DroidKit will export the text messages to the selected destination.

Preview and Select Messages to Retrieve

Preview and Select Messages to Retrieve

Final Word

With the tutorial guide above, you can retrieve deleted Verizon messages effortlessly. Employ any of the solutions provided and get your lost or deleted messages today. We recommend DroidKit to retrieve your messages, whether temporarily or permanently deleted. It’s the best Android solution available on the internet.

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