How to Recover Files from Formatted SD Card Android

If you accidentally formatted SD card, and wonder how can you recover files after formatting. Here in this post, we will answer is it possible to recover formatted SD card and the available ways to get back files on an SD card.

iMobie Last Updated: May. 25, 2021

How do I recover data after I accidentally formatted the Micro-SD card from my phone?

Usually, Android phone users will get an SD card to get extra storage for photos, videos, audio, documents, apps, etc. However, what if you accidentally formatted SD card like the above user? Most users may wonder is it possible to recover those precious files after formatting, and how to recover them.

In this article, we will describe what does a formatted SD card mean. And, you can get efficient ways to unformat SD card. Keep reading and pick up a way to recover photos, videos, and other files from formatted SD card on Android now. The camera SD card is also supported.

What Will Happen if I Formatted SD Card Android

If you accidentally formatted an SD card by yourself or kids, or you must format it when the SD card gets virus or connection errors, the file system will be changed and the existing data will be removed on SD card. However, a formatted SD card doesn’t mean that you can’t get back files. The stored information on the SD card are not accessible because the memory is erased, but the files are not be deleted forever or be erased completely. This quick format only changed the file system’s logic and the previously stored information are logically deleted.

That is to say, if the SD card is not fully formatted, then the files are not totally overwritten. In this situation, you can recover a formatted SD card with some available ways.

What Happens After Formatting SD Card Android

What Happens After Formatting SD Card Android

Then, how can you recover the SD card after formatting? If you have a habit to make a backup for data on SD card, then you can easily restore the SD card backup and don’t worry about data loss. And if there are not any backups, then you can also get the help of SD card recovery software. Let’s look at the mentioned ways as below.

How to Recover Files from Formatted SD Card

To recover files on SD card after formatting, first, you need to stop using the device and the formatted SD card to avoid overwriting by new data. If that happens, SD card files will be deleted completely and you cannot recover them. After that, try the following methods right away:

Method 1. Restore Photos from Recently Deleted Folder

Check your recently deleted folder to see if there are photos or videos that you need.

  1. Open Google Photos On your Android device.
  2. Go to Library and tap on Trash icon.
  3. Select the photos or videos that deleted from SD card.
  4. Tap on Restore button from the bottom of the screen, and the photos or videos will be restored in your Google Photos or Gallery.

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Method 2. Restore Files from Computer Backup

Step 1. How to Back Up SD Card

Note: If you can insert an SD card into the computer directly, just start from point 3.

  1. Prepare a card reader for your SD card or Micro-SD card.
  2. Take out the SD card and insert it into the reader.
  3. Plug the reader into the USB port on your computer, or insert the SD card into the computer directly.
  4. Once detected, open the folder on your computer that contains SD card data.
  5. Create a new folder on your computer and name it xxx’s SD card backup.
  6. Copy and paste all SD card files into this backup folder.
  7. Wait for a minute and all your SD card files will be moved to your computer, you can restore them when needed.

Step 2. Restore Files from SD Card Backup

After you created a backup for SD card files, you can easily get back those data from computer to your phone. To transfer files from computer to phone:

  1. Connect phone with computer via USB cable.
  2. Just drag and drop SD card backup files to your Phone.

Get more efficient ways on how to transfer files from computer to Android phone without USB.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for the answers to can a formatted SD card be recovered and how can you recover files after formatting SD card. Hope the above methods can help you get back the deleted files on the SD card. If you got ideas on how to recover a formatted SD card or got any questions about this article, please leave your comments below.


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