How to Bypass Google Verification on Samsung [Full Guide]

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy phone stuck in the Google account verification interface and have no chance to access your phone normally? Luckily, there are two efficient ways in this guide to help you bypass the Google verification on Samsung device.

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DroidKit – How to Bypass Google Account on Samsung

Is it possible to bypass Google lock? Yes, with DroidKit, you can bypass your Google account on Samsung easily and instantly right at home by yourself. Supports Samsung phones and tablets, running on Android OS 6-13.

Google account verification, also called FRP lock (Factory Reset Protection) on Samsung mobile phones is a mobile phone security protection mechanism. If your Samsung phone is unfortunately lost, it can protect your phone from being used by anyone who finds it easily. Furtherly, if the Samsung screen lock is bypassed by restoring the factory settings, the FRP lock will be activated.

This protects your Samsung phone, but it also brings inconvenience to people who forget the Google password. You can’t access the phone and finish settings normally, and cannot request a Google account screen through your Samsung phone. At this time, you will ask how do I bypass Samsung FRP lock after a factory reset? Don’t worry, here we will show you how to bypass Google account verification (FRP lock) on a Samsung phone or tablet.

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How to Remove Google Account on Samsung without Password

Here is a powerful FRP bypass tool called DroidKit. It helps you to remove the Google account from your Samsung phone without a password easily. With DroidKit – Samsung FRP Bypass, you can bypass the FRP lock, remove the previously synced Google account, and log in to another Google Account of yours to enjoy all Google services. And, as a complete Android solution, DroidKit can remove all screen locks on any Android models, recover deleted Android files, etc.

Here’s how can you remove Samsung Google account with DroidKit:

  • Bypass the FRP lock with the highest success rate in the market.
  • Almost all Samsung, Xiaomi, and OPPO phones and tablets are supported (Currently for Android 6-13).
  • It’s the only solution available that works with both Windows and Mac to help you regain access to your device easily.
  • Get the previous Google Account removed completely from your device and you can use your Samsung phone freely.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Here is how to bypass the Google account on Samsung:

Step 1. Choose FRP Bypass on DroidKit

Get the latest version of DroidKit on your Windows PC or Mac, launch it and choose FRP Bypass mode.

Choose FRP Bypass Mode

Choose FRP Bypass Mode

Step 2. Connect Samsung to the Computer

Connect your Samsung phone with a USB cable and click on the Start button as the picture shows.

Connect Device and Click Start

Connect Device and Click Start

Note: This function will erase data on your device. Please back up your data in advance.

Step 3. Start to Bypass

After that, the configuration file will be prepared for your device, the below interface will be displayed. Please click the Start to Bypass button.

Click Start to Bypass

Click Start to Bypass

Step 4. Select Android System Version

Follow the instructions shown to put your device in Recovery Mode and get your Samsung system version. Then, hit the Next button.

Choose System Version

Choose System Version

Step 5. Complete Corresponding Settings

Then, please follow the instructions to complete the corresponding Settings.

Complete Corresponding Settings

Complete Corresponding Settings

Step 6. Bypass FRP Completed

After completing the setting steps above, it will start to bypass the FRP lock. When the bypass process completes, your device will be restarted.

FRP Bypass Complete

FRP Bypass Complete

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How to Bypass Google Account on Samsung without PC

Here are the specific steps about how to bypass Google account verification on Samsung phone after factory reset:

  1. Just reset your device the first you set up your phone (selecting the language and connecting it to the Wi-Fi network).
  2. After that, you will see the Google Account verification interface.
  3. When the keyboard comes up to the screen and you need to tap and hold “@” to get the Settings menu > Choose Google Keyboard Settings.

    Google Account Verification on Samsung

    Google Account Verification on Samsung

  4. Tap on the button with 3 dots at the top-right corner then select the “Help & Feedback“.
  5. Click on the “Using Google Keyboard” in the Help section and then tap and hold to select any text on that page and then click “Websearch”.
  6. When the search bar comes up and you need to type “Settings” > Scroll down the menu again to select “About Phone“.
  7. Find the Build Number and tap on it 7 times in order to activate the Developer Options.
  8. Then go back to the previous menu and enter Developer Option > Click on the OEM Unlocking button and tap on “back” twice.
  9. Now, what you need to do is restart the device and connect to Wi-Fi again. This time you just simply add a new Google account and you will have complete bypass the FRP lock to access your device normally.

This method only works on Samsung phones to bypass Google account and won’t work on other devices.

How Do I Access my FRP Locked Phone Settings?

You can only access FRP-locked phone settings after Google account verification is bypassed. And, you can bypass any Samsung Google account with or without a computer with the above methods. Besides, a video tutorial is available for you to follow.

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The Bottom Line

Here in this post, you can bypass google verification without a computer only on your Samsung. Also, you can bypass Google lock with Samsung FRP bypass APK – DroidKit, which can bypass Google account on any Samsung phones and tablets. We do hope that this article will eventually help you. If you have any suggestions you can have them for us in the comment section below.

DroidKit – Samsung FRP Bypass APK

DroidKit is a powerful Google lock bypass tool. It can bypass the Google lock (FRP lock) with the highest success rate in the market, no matter which model your Samsung phone or tablet is.

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download* 100% Clean & Safe

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