How to Unlock Android Lock Screen without Google Account?

You may already know you can unlock Android phone with Google account, but what if you forgot your Google account or you don’t have a Gmail? Read this article to figure out proven ways to unlock Android without Google account.

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DroidKit – Unlock Android without Password or Google Account

With DroidKit, you can bypass Android lock screen password without Google account. Besides, if your phone is locked by Google account, it allows you to remove Google account and bypass FRP on your Samsung.

Is there any way can help me bypass the lock screen password on my Samsung phone? I forgot the password I changed last night. I entered the wrong password 5 times, and my device is locked now. I knew there are ways that can unlock the phone with a Google account, but I still have no Google account. Help, Please!

To prevent important files and privacy info from prying eyes, the most ideal measure is to set a pattern/password lock on our device. However, if you forget the password or pattern lock accidentally, you will have no access to your phone and the data on your device either.

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Locking out of your mobile phone can be annoying but if you are a Gmail user, you can bypass Android lock screen with a Google account. Nevertheless, what about Android users who don’t have a Google account or forget the account login information? Don’t worry! In this post, we will introduce 3 easy ways to bypass Android lock screen without Google account. Also, we will introduce a way to bypass Google account after you perform a factory reset on your Samsung device.

How to Unlock Android Phone without Google Account? 

As mentioned above, normally, you can choose to remove the Android lock screen password with your Google account, as long as your phone is correctly connected to a Wi-Fi network. If not, don’t be dismayed. We have collected another simple yet reliable way to bypass the Android lock screen even without a Google account and will share you in the below guide. Now, let’s check it.

Way 1. Bypass Android Lock Screen via Hard Reset

To unlock the pattern lock on your Android phone, many users seek to perform a hard reset. Always remember that a hard reset will erase all data and contents on your mobile device. For this reason, you’d better ensure you have backed up the Android data before. Instead, if you don’t establish a backup yet, you should find other ways to recover deleted data without backup after a reset.

Here is how to hard reset the pattern lock on your Android phone.

1. Turn off your Android phone by long-pressing the power button.

2. Enter your Android device into recovery mode. The method varies from Android phone to Android phone. For most devices, you can hold the power and volume buttons at the same time until it restarts.

3. Use the volume keys to navigate to the Restore Factory Defaults option.

4. Choose the Factory data reset option to delete all user data.

5. Choose the reboot system now option when hard resetting completes.

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Way 2. Bypass Android Lock Screen via Android Phone Unlocker

If you fail to put your Android phone into recovery mode or perform a hard reset, you should take advantage of an Android screen removal software to bypass Android lock screen without a Google account. With DroidKit – Android Phone Unlocker, you can easily remove any type of screen lock on your phone or Android tablet. DroidKit is designed to help users out of many Android phones’ issues, including bypassing Android lock screen with a few clicks.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Check its main features below:

  • You can unlock an Android phone without password or Google account, you can also bypass PIN code, pattern lock, fingerprint ID, face recognition, etc.
  • 20,000+ models of Android phones and tablets supported, including Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google phone, etc.
  • You can remove screen locks without root.
  • No technical knowledge is required either.

Now, Give DroidKit a free trial on your computer (Windows or Mac), and follow the simple unlocking steps below to get access to your phone without password:

Step 1. Launch the software and tap on Unlock Screen on the welcome page.

Choose Unlock Screen Function

Choose Unlock Screen Function

Step 2. Connect your locked device and tap on Start.

Connect your Locked Phone

Connect your Locked Phone

Step 3. After connecting the device, DroidKit will prepare a configuration file for your device > Click Remove Now button > Select your device brand and continue.

Click Remove Now Button

Click Remove Now Button

Step 4. Next, you need to put your device into recovery mode and wipe cache partition on your device.

Unlock Screen - Enter Recovery Mode

Unlock Screen – Enter Recovery Mode

Step 5. Once finished the above steps, the unlocking process will start immediately. Wait a minute, and you will get the lock screen removal completed page as below. Now, you can get access to your phone again.

Lock Screen Removal Completed

Lock Screen Removal Completed

When the Android screen is removed, you can turn to DroidKit’s “Recovery Lost ” mode to give your Android phone a deep scan and recover important data.

Way 3. Bypass Android Lock Screen Using Camera (Android 4.4 or older)

Firstly, you can try a way to bypass lock screen without Google account using a camera without losing data. As you know, an Android phone allows you to use camera even if the home screen is locked. You can open the camera app to shoot photos, and even view the photos you just shot. And, on the device running Android 4.4 and earlier versions, there is a security loophole that you can try using a camera to bypass the locked screen. So you can try it first to bypass the lock screen.

How to Unlock Lock Screen with Google Account?

If you are a Gmail user, luckily you can unlock Android phone with Google account. Here, we collect 2 ways to help you how to unlock lock screen with your Google account.

For Android 4.4 and below versions, you can try to use Google account to unlock Android screen by resetting pattern.

  1. After you’ve tried to unlock your phone several times, you should see and tap on the “Forgot pattern” button.
  2. Enter the Google Account and password >
  3. Reset your screen lock and enter the home screen on your device.

For Android 4.4 and above versions, you can remotely unlock Android lock screen by Android Device Manager.

To use Android Device Manager to unlock Android screen, your device needs to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Your Android phone is running on Android 4.4 and above.
  • ADM is enabled before you can’t unlock the phone.
  • GPS needs to be switched on.
  • WiFi connection is stable.

Here is how to unlock Android phone:

  1. Navigate to Google Find My Device.
  2. Sign in Google account that you used on the locked device.
  3. Choose the device that you need to unlock.
  4. A Google map will appear with the options: Ring, Lock and Erase.
  5. Click on the Lock option.
  6. Once the New Lock Screen window pops up, enter a temporary password and click the Lock button.
  7. Then a password field will appear, enter the temporary password to unlock your phone.
  8. Finally, visit your phone’s lock screen settings and disable the temporary password.

Now, you unlock the phone successfully with the Google account.

How Can I Unlock my Android Phone without Password or Google Account?

If you are a Samsung user and locked by FRP lock without a password or Google account, you can unlock with DroidKit’s FRP bypass tool. Factory reset protection is a mechanism that can prevent others from using your Samsung phone, and Google account verification will be activated when they have performed a factory reset. It is exactly a customer-friendly design but what if you fail to enter the correct Gmail information?

In other words, if you unlock an Android phone by resetting it, you need to turn off FRP in advance. Or, you will need to enter your Google account logins to bypass a verification loop. Considering you may fail to recall your Google account or its password, in this section, we offer a video tutorial to demonstrate how DroidKit can help you remove Google account and regain full access to your Samsung phone or tablet immediately.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

The Bottom Line

That’s all about how to bypass Android lock screen without Google account. Just as you can see from above, it’s quite easy to bypass the Android password with DroidKit. Furtherly, if you are stuck in Google FRP lock without Google account or password, you can also download DroidKit to bypass it. Why not give it a try to remove your lock screen now?

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

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