How to Export iPhone Contacts to Excel

If you wish to export iPhone contacts to excel, you’ve come to the right place. Read this tutorial and solve your problem.

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How to export iPhone contacts to excel is one of the most common queries of iPhone users. Well, when it comes to exporting iPhone contacts to excel, you can find a handful of methods to do so, but in reality, not all of them work. So, if you are hunting for effective methods on how you can easily export iPhone contacts to excel, then this guide is for you.

So, no matter which format you prefer to export iPhone contacts to excel, you will learn the corresponding ways here to get it done. But before moving forward to the methods, let’s know what file formats are compatible with excel.

Which Types of Files Are Compatible with Excel?

When it comes to the types of files that are compatible with excel, a CSV file is the file that has excellent compatibility with spreadsheet programs like Google Sheet, Excel, Apple Numbers, etc. CSV file stands for Comma-Separated Values. It is a plain text file that works excellently with all the spreadsheet programs. This is the most common format that users choose to export iPhone contacts to excel as it is an Excel-friendly format.

Apart from this, you can also save the contacts as a .xls file as this is also the preferable format for exporting iPhone contacts to excel. Whichever way you opt for, we have got you covered with the solutions.

Selectively Export iPhone Contacts with One Click

If you want to export iPhone contacts to Excel, you can firstly export them in the format that is supported by Excel, like CSV format. Then open the CSV file with Excel. Exporting all contacts can be done in many ways, but if you want to view each and every one of the contacts before exporting them, or selectively export some of the contacts on your iPhone, you need AnyTrans.

AnyTrans is a professional iOS manager that can help you transfer all or some of the contacts to your computer with one click. Also, it can help you transfer iPhone photos to a computer, backup messages to a computer, and manage WhatsApp data, etc. Now you can download AnyTrans and start exporting contacts.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Now, follow the steps below to export iPhone contacts.

Step 1. Launch AnyTrans on your computer, connect iPhone to the computer with a USB cable, click on Device Manager, and choose the More option.

Choose Device Manager and Click on More

Choose Device Manager and Click on More

Step 2. Scroll the left panel screen down and choose Contacts, select the contact you want to export, and tap the To PC button to set up the export format.

Choose Contacts and Click To PC

Choose Contacts and Click To PC

Step 3. Seconds later, you will see the Transfer Completed page and you can click on View Files to check the contacts you have exported.

Transfer Completed

Transfer Completed Page

Export iPhone Contacts to Excel on iPhone

If you want to export iPhone contacts to excel from your iPhone, then you just need to install an application called the Contacts to Excel app. This app will help you make an Excel or CSV file for Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers instead.

Follow the steps below to proceed further:

  1. Download and install the Contacts to Excel app on your iOS device.
  2. Run the app and when you are asked to give the application access to your contacts, allow it immediately.
  3. Now, click on Excel file type. The Excel file will output a .xlsx file that will be compatible with Excel. Here, click on the Continue button that will backup all your contacts.
  4. Next, click on the Export button and select the desired export source for the XLS file. Choose Save to Dropbox. You can easily choose SMS, Email, etc.
  5. Click on Choose a Folder to select the Save location of your Excel file. Once you are done with choosing a folder, click on Choose button and then the Save button to save the file to the specific Dropbox folder.
  6. Now, on your PC or Mac, you can easily open your output source. In this case, it was Dropbox. The file should be there and waiting for you to open.
  7. Lastly, open the file to make sure that everything looks fine. You can open it with Apple Numbers or Microsoft Excel.
Export Contacts to Excel on iPhone

Export Contacts to Excel on iPhone

That’s all! All your contacts will now show up in this XLS file and will perfectly be organized by name.

Export iPhone Contacts to Excel in iCloud Account

Another easy way to export iPhone contacts to excel is by exporting them to the iCloud account. By simply syncing your iPhone contacts to your iCloud account, you can easily export the items to the vCard format. Later, you can convert the VCF file to Excel or CSV by using a format convertor. But remember that you must have enough iCloud storage available.

Here’s how you can export iPhone contacts to excel in an iCloud Account:

  1. On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Your Name > iCloud.
  2. Here, toggle on the Contacts option.
  3. On your PC, go to and sign in with your iCloud account. Make sure this is the same account that you use on your iPhone.
  4. In order to export iCloud contacts to Excel, you first need to save them as a VCF file in iCloud.
  5. Now, go to the selected folder in iCloud to check the contacts in VCF format.
Export iPhone Contacts to Excel in iCloud

Export iPhone Contacts to Excel in iCloud

You can now open the VCF file in Excel.

Export iPhone Contacts to Excel with iTunes

Last but not least, the final method of exporting iPhone contacts to Excel is by using iTunes. Have a look at the step-by-step guide below to learn how this method works. But before proceeding further, you firstly need to sync the iPhone contacts to Windows file with iTunes, which works as follows:

  1. Download and run the latest version of iTunes on your PC. Now, connect your iPhone to the PC via a USB cable.
  2. Next, tap on the iPhone device in the left panel of iTunes.
  3. Now, select “Info” at the top of iTunes, tick the Sync Contacts with the option, and select Windows Contacts.
  4. Click on the Sync button to start syncing your iPhone’s contact to a Contact folder within your Windows profile.
Export iPhone Contacts to Excel with iTunes

Export iPhone Contacts to Excel with iTunes

Now, let’s learn how to export contacts to an Excel file.

  1. Find the synced Contacts folder in your Windows profile. Press the Windows + R keys on the keyboard to open Run Window. Here, type web and hit the OK button.
  2. Here, select the Export option in the top right corner of the screen, choose Excel, and click on the Export option.
  3. Tap on Browse to set the path to export iPhone contacts as an Excel file.
  4. Now, select the specific iPhone contacts data you wish to export to the Excel file and hit the Finish button.
  5. Finally, open the Excel file and save it.

You have successfully exported iPhone contacts to Excel without any hassle with iTunes.

The Bottom Line

Here we have come to an end of this guide on how to export iPhone contacts to excel. Whether you wish to merge your iOS device contacts with the contacts from your Address books or make a backup of your iOS device contacts, exporting iPhone contacts to CSV or Excel is a great choice. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the method as per your requirement and get started with exporting iPhone contacts to excel effortlessly.

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