[2024] iPhone XR iCloud Bypass Guide

iCloud Activation Lock is a great security feature, but can cause havoc when you lose the corresponding details associated with your iCloud. Discover the best 7 ways to bypass iPhone X iCloud activation lock in this guide.

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Hi, Recently, I got a secondhand iPhone XR from eBay with iCloud activation lock on it. However, unfortunately, I don’t know the previous owner, or have the iCloud details linked to the device. So I can’t access the device. Can someone explain to me how to bypass iCloud activation lock on iPhone XR? Please! 

A scenario as above or one in which you cannot recollect the corresponding credentials to your iPhone can be frustrating, but it’s nothing to stress about. There are some simple tricks you can employ to regain control of the device, which will be shared in this post. 

Whether it’s an iPhone X, XR or XS you want to bypass iCloud activation lock on, the solutions provided here will surely come in handy. Continue reading! 

Can iPhone XR be iCloud Bypassed?

Sure, an iPhone X/XR/XS can be iCloud bypassed, but so far you’ve got the details at your disposal. However, in a scenario where you can’t remember or don’t have access to the details, you need a professional iOS unlock tool

Before we discuss how to unlock iCloud activation locked iPhones or introduce the right software, let’s look at what iCloud activation lock is. In addition, we will explain how to know if an iPhone is iCloud locked. 

What Is an Activation Lock on iPhone XR?

Activation Lock is one of the best security features tucked by Apple into all its devices, whether mobile or computer. This feature is programmed to provide the utmost security needed to protect users’ data from unauthorized access. 

The activation lock has a simple mode of operation, which depends solely on iCloud credentials. When you sign in your iCloud details on an iPhone, whether X/XR/XS or the latest models, the device is automatically locked. 

Your device remains active and can be easily accessed without any issues, in as much as you have the details at hand. However, in a scenario where you need to reset the device, or forgot the corresponding iCloud details, using the device becomes a challenge. And that’s where you know that the phone is iCloud locked

7 Ways iPhone X/XR/XS iCloud Bypass

Below, we have the various ways to bypass iPhone X/XR/XS activation lock without iTunes, apply the procedure that suits you: 

Fix 1. Ask the Previous Owner

If you bought a secondhand iPhone X/XR/XS from a close person or relative, and don’t know the corresponding details to the device, you need not be disturbed. You can simply connect or contact the previous owner to help you with the iCloud details so you can gain full control of the device you purchased from them. 

Once you get the details, enter them in the correct order and hit the Next button to deactivate activation lock. After gaining access to the device, we advise that you delete the iCloud account, and create or sign in yours. 

Activation Lock on iPhone

Activation Lock on iPhone

Note: If the iPhone is running on iOS 11 or later versions, you need 2FA code to successfully bypass iCloud activation lock. This means, that after entering the iCloud details, the previous owner must provide the two-factor-authentication (2FA) code sent by Apple to you, so you can bypass activation lock completely. 

Fix 2. Ask Apple Support for Help

In a scenario where you don’t know the previous owner or cannot reach out to them, you can ask the Apple support team for help. This approach is simple, and cost free. However, you must be ready to answer and provide all the necessary information needed. Also, you may have to provide documentation proving that you bought or inherited the device. 

Apple Support Webpage Interface

Apple Support Webpage Interface

 Fix 3. Using iCloud Bypass Unlock Tool

With iCloud lock removal like AnyUnlock, you can easily remove activation lock on any iPhone model, including iPhone X/XR/XS, without compromising your device. AnyUnlock is the most versatile tool, well-known worldwide for its excellent results. 

There are some outstanding features you need to know about AnyUnlock – iPhone Activation Lock Unlocker:

  • Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone iPad iPod touch with a few clicks.
  • Check iPhone/iPad unlock status when you buy a second-hand one.
  • Find the linked Apple ID or sign out of the current Apple ID of the iOS device simply.
  • Crack various iOS screen locks, involving numerical password/PIN/Face ID/Touch ID on your iPhone/iPad.

To bypass the iCloud Activation lock, you should free download the AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker based on your computer operating system. This application is compatible with both Windows PC and Mac.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download* 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Free get AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker installed. Launch the software and you will see the page below.

Click on Start Now to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Click on Start Now to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Step 2. Connect your device and click Start Now button.

Connect Your iOS Device to the Computer

Connect Your iOS Device to the Computer

Step 3. Then, you need to jailbreak your device to allow AnyUnlock to bypass for you. Read the jailbreak tutorial to do and click Next once finished.

Jailbreak Your Device

Jailbreak Your Device

Step 4. Then you can start bypassing after clicking Start Now button.

Bypassing iCloud Activation Lock

Bypassing iCloud Activation Lock

Step 5. Wait until the process finished, you will get iCloud Activation Lock is bypassed successfully page as below.

iCloud Activation Lock Is Bypassed Successfully

iCloud Activation Lock Is Bypassed Successfully

Fix 4. Via DNS

Via DNS, you can bypass iCloud activation lock on your iPhone X/XR/XS without stress. All you need for this approach to work is to change the corresponding readable domains on your iPhone into numerical IP addresses, and the activation lock will disappear immediately. 

However, mind you, this solution only works when you have your iCloud details at hand. If you don’t, then bypassing the activation lock on iPhone X may be impossible. 

Follow the instructions below to bypass the activation lock on iPhone X via DNS: 

  • Open Settings, and head to where you have the WiFi icon. Click on the icon to proceed. 
  • All available wireless connections nearby will immediately come up.
  • Tap on the WiFi network connected to your device, and scroll down to where you have DNS on the next screen that appears. 
  • Click on Configure DNS > Manual
Click the Configure DNS Option

Click the Configure DNS Option

  • Clear the current DNS servers, then enter the details below: 
  • USA:
  • Europe:
  • Asia:
  • Africa, Australia, and other locations:
  • Tap on Save to complete the steps. 


  • The solution may or may not work for your device. 
  • It doesn’t work for all iOS versions, especially iOS 11 and later versions. 
  • You might not be able to access some features on your iPhone anymore. 

Fix 5. iRemove Software

iRemove is another powerful tool that offers quality iOS unlock services. With this software, you can remove the iCloud activation lock from your iPhone X or XR without stress. Using this software is simple, as you don’t need iTunes to bypass the activation lock. 

iCloud Removal Tool - iRemove

iCloud Removal Tool – iRemove


  • iRemove software can only work with Mac computer systems. It has no Windows version. 
  • Only iPhone X with model numbers A1907, A1865, and A1901 can connect with this software. 

Fix 6. Via iToolab UnlockGo

iToolab UnlockGo is also capable of removing or deactivating iCloud activation lock on iPhones, both X series and later versions. It’s one of the simplest tools that lets you remove activation locks without iTunes. The approach to using this tool is straightforward, as it offers a clean user interface to ease navigation. 

iToolab UnlockGo to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

iToolab UnlockGo to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock


  • You must have the 2FA feature activated on your iPhone for this tool to work. 
  • The subscription pricing is expensive. 
  • The free version has limited features, which are not enough for you to confirm the authenticity. 

Fix 7. Online Service

If applying the solutions above your iPhone X or XR remains locked, consider using an online service to bypass the activation lock. There are lots of online services you can use to bypass the activation lock on your iPhone without connecting to iTunes. All you need to use this approach is the IMEI of the device, that’s all. 


  • There’s no reliable support team to connect with when you face any difficulty using an online service to bypass the activation lock. 
  • All online services operate on pay-as-you-go, so there’s no free trial version.  


Here are some frequently asked queries and answers related to this topic that you can read through to understand it better: 

Q1. Will jailbreak bypass iCloud lock?

No, jailbreak won’t bypass iCloud lock. Instead, it can only help you remove the restrictions placed by the manufacturer. If you need to remove or bypass activation lock, then a professional iOS unlock tool is what you need. 

Q2. Can you jailbreak an iCloud-locked iPhone?

No, you cannot jailbreak an iCloud-locke d iPhone. The reason is that jailbreaking requires access to the device itself. 

If you are considering jailbreaking your iCloud-locked phone, kindly use any of the solutions above to bypass the iCloud activation lock, then proceed with jailbreaking. 

Q3. Will I lose anything once bypass iCloud lock?

Depending on the approach you follow to bypass the iCloud activation lock, you may or may not lose data. For instance, when you bypass the activation lock using iTunes, you have to lose data, as you need to restore your device. Also, when you use the Find My Phone feature, you will surely experience data loss. 

However, if you use trusted software or any of the approaches above, the possibility of losing data is zero. This means, no data loss will be incurred. 

Final Words

The best ways to remove the activation lock on iPhone X/XR/XS have been given in the article above. Select any of the 7 solutions to bypass the activation lock without iTunes. 

However, of all the solutions, AnyUnlock offers the best way to get rid of activation lock on iPhone X/XR/XS. The software clears a fixation lock error on all iPhone models without connecting to iTunes. It would help if you used it for your iOS unlock services. 

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