PhoneTrans Pro Is Now Ready for iTunes 11.2 & Free Giveaway for A Limited Time


iMobie Inc., a start-up company committed to iPhone, iPod and iPad software development, today announced the new version of PhoneTrans Pro, which gets the potential of supersede iTunes 11.2 in many respects and even free available for a limited time.

iMobie Inc., a rising technology company committed to iPhone, iPod and iPad software development, today released PhoneTrans Pro V3.7.1. As Apple just updated iTunes last week to version 11.2 with improvements in several respects, it's probably a good timing for the PhoneTrans Pro to earn some attentions from the public. Created in the purpose of transferring iPhone, iPad music to / from iTunes in a simple and fast method, PhoneTrans Pro is a good choice of iPhone manager.

In May 21 - 25, iMobie Inc. runs a campaign to give away PhoneTrans Pro for a limited time. Everybody could grasp a copy of license code for free from the promo page. By doing so, $29.99 amount of money would be saved. The bonus prize for this giveaway promo is a $25 iTunes Gift Card contest. Winning is easy. The anticipators give a tweet on this campaign, and the contest host will randomly pick up a user and the winner.

Promo Page:

Unique Features in PhoneTrans Pro

PhoneTrans Pro's iWizard gives users the full control on transferring content among iPhone, iPad and iTunes. It allows to simply choose music, movies, TV shows, Books, iTunes U, Apps or even all items on an iPhone, and copy them to a new iPad. Users are also able to backup important content to iTunes or rebuild iTunes library through USB cable as well as over Wi-Fi.

Without jail-breaking, PhoneTrans Pro helps flexibly backup Apps with or without game data, as well as transfer game saves and personal settings in certain Apps to a new iPhone on the fly. More importantly, users can install Apps with PhoneTrans Pro, and don't have to lose existing Apps.

Many people have a bunch of great movies but iTunes constantly refuses to sync to iPhone. PhoneTrans Pro is built in with powerful trans-coding engine that will convert all incompatible video/audio media to iDevice friendly format during the transferring. It will automatically optimize the video and audio quality according to the device's capability.

Price and Availability

Comparing with similar iPhone Transfer solutions, PhoneTrans Pro got big price advantage and during this Time-limited Giveaway promo, it is free available:

About iMobie, Inc.

iMobie Inc. was established at the end of 2011, and located in Tianfu Software Park (China), a place gathered great many talented software engineers. The brand name iMobie is from I'M Optimistic, Brainy, Independent & Efficient, which represents the main characters of their teammates. On the early stage of iMobie, they focus on developing iPhone, iPod, iPad Transfer and Explorer tools for backing up, sharing, and enriching iDevice users’ media collection.

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