PhoneClean Online Guide

Here you can find all detailed tutorials about how to use PhoneClean to clean up junk files, sensitive and private data as well as other useless files on your iPhone

1. Basics and Preference Settings

Learn the basics, settings and device management to make good use of PhoneClean.

2. Clean Junk Files Remotely with Silent Clean

Silent Clean helps remotely clean junk files associated with Apps, Photos, Downloading and Artwork on your iDevices.

3. Clean Useless Junk Files with Quick Clean

Quick Clean helps clean junk files associated with Apps, Photos, Videos and Storage on your iDevices.

4. Clean Safari & Browsing Junk Files with Internet Clean

Internet Clean helps clean junk files generated by Safari and Webmail on your iDevices.

5. Clean Private Information with Privacy Clean

Privacy Clean helps clean private information associated with Call History, Contact, Note, Message and Voicemail on your iDevices.

6. Clean Leftovers with System Clean

System Clean helps clean iOS Notifications, App Leftovers and Active Apps running in the background.

7. One-Click Clean All Device Data with Erase Clean

Erase Clean lets you permanently delete all your device contents with 1-click.

8. Manage iDevice Content with Toolbox

Toolbox helps manage personal data and media data efficiently.

9. Retrieve Data from Backups Made Before

Restore helps retrieve accidently-deleted data from backups made before cleaning process from Internet Clean, Privacy Clean , System Clean as well as iTunes.