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By covering more types of data, PhoneTrans offers you the most complete backup solution. It makes sure all your important data and customized settings will be backed up safely. So you can restore them to the new phone easily in a click. Meanwhile, it gives you full control on how you’d like to make the backup - no matter it’s a full backup of your entire phone, or individual backups of certain data you need. Prefer an encrypted backup? Go make it.

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PhoneTrans Backs Up More Content Than iTunes

PhoneTrans iTunes
Blocked Contacts
Camera Roll
Imported Photos
Music Videos
Videos Taken on iPhone
Imported / Downloaded Videos
TV Shows
Call History
Voice Memos
Safari History
Safari Bookmarks
Home Screen Arrangement
Saved Passwords**
Health Data**
Wi-Fi Settings**
Website History**
Other Settings
Other Data

Saved Passwords, Health Data, Wi-Fi Settings, and Website History are only included in encrypted backups.

Full Backup or Selective Backup? You Decide!

Unlike iTunes or other backup solutions that only allow a full backup without choice, PhoneTrans gives you 100% freedom in deciding what to back up and what not. Need to back up everything on your iPhone? 1 tap is enough. Only want to back up your contacts, messages, photos, or another type of content? Sure. Select the data you need and make the backups individually for them. This way, you can skip redundant data and keep exactly what you need.

Note: Full Backup is only available for iOS/iPadOS devices. Selective Backup is available for both Android and iOS/iPadOS devices.

Your Backups Stay Safe

PhoneTrans is designed and built from the ground up to keep your backups 100% secure. It makes and stores backups locally on your own computer. No data transition via Internet or cloud service, so your personal information will never fall into the wrong hands. For higher security, PhoneTrans applies SSL encryption to protect your backups from hackers. You're the only one who can access your backup.

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