Merge Content of Phones without Data Overwriting

In cases, you may need to migrate content from one phone to another, while keeping already existing data intact on your target device. PhoneTrans offers you a smart solution with Phone Merge feature. It enables you to merge contacts, messages, photos, music, and more content of two phones in just one click. No data would be overwritten or erased, and it prevents duplicates at the same time.

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iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices, All Get Covered

PhoneTrans fully covers iPhone, iPad, and Android devices of all models and brands. That means you can freely merge data from any iPhone/iPad to your new iPhone 12, or from your Google Pixel to a Samsung Galaxy phone. It doesn’t matter whether the merge is performed between the same iOS/Android version, from an older version to a newer version, or vice versa. Just make the switch however you like.


  • Phone Merge is only for iPhone/iPad to iPhone/iPad migration or migration between Android devices. Cross-system transfer is not available.
  • It’s available for devices running iOS/iPadOS 9-14 or Android 5 and above.

Simpler, Smarter, Safer

PhoneTrans makes phone-to-phone migration not just easier, but smarter and safer. Forget about annoying rigmaroles. You just tap a button to get everything done. The transfer will not overwrite any existing data on the device. So, even if you’ve used the new phone for a while, you can still perform migration safely without losing anything important. By applying an intelligent detecting technology, PhoneTrans also skips duplicate files automatically when merging data.

What Content You Can Merge?

iPhone/iPad to iPhone/iPad (17 Types of Data Supported)Android Device to Android Device (11 Types of Data Supported)
Blocked ContactsComing Soon
Call History
Voice Memos
Safari History
Safari Bookmarks
APK Files
ZIP Files
App Data Only the part of app data that is not restricted by the sandbox can be transferred.
WhatsApp / LINE / Viber Chats
WallpaperComing Soon
AlarmComing Soon
KeychainComing Soon

Apps, app data, and WhatsApp/LINE/Viber chats are not supported to be merged to iPhone/iPad, but they can be transferred to iPhone/iPad via App Transfer feature.

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