Bring Apps & WhatsApp Chats to New iPhone in A Tap

Moved to a new iPhone? Don’t leave behind your apps. Tired of re-downloading dozens of apps one by one manually? Want to bring along your WhatsApp messages and all the files you sent and received, like photos, videos, audio files? Let PhoneTrans make them a breeze for you. With just a tap, all the apps you want and everything in your WhatsApp will be migrated over seamlessly.

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Transfer Apps Directly, No More Annoying Redownload

If there’s something that can ruin the pleasure of getting a new phone, the annoyance of having to redownload apps one by one must be it. Now PhoneTrans saves you from that hassle. It moves apps from your old iPhone straight to the new one, and all you need to do is a simple click of a mouse. Don’t have to waste a huge amount of time, bandwidth, and effort to download these apps again.

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Take Your WhatsApp Chats Along to Your New iPhone

Your WhatsApp chats contain precious memories and important information, so PhoneTrans lets you take them along to your new iPhone. No matter you upgraded from an old iPhone or switched from an Android phone, you can always transfer over WhatsApp messages, together with photos, music, videos, and other files without erasing device data. All at one go. Then, feel free to pick up your chats on your new iPhone where you left off. PhoneTrans supports all iOS versions and Android 5 or higher.

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Transfer LINE and Viber Data as Well

Apart from WhatsApp, PhoneTrans covers LINE and Viber as well. It helps you transfer the entire chat history and files, from your previous iPhone or iPad straight to the new iOS device. No complex operations or skills required. You just press a button and PhoneTrans will do the rest for you.

Note: For now, LINE/Viber data can be transferred from iPhone/iPad to iPhone/iPad only. Support for Android devices is coming soon…

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