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  • Say hello to iMobie's PhoneTrans. A powerful solution offering intuitive, high-speed data transfer, PhoneTrans provides you with everything you need to get your new device up and running.

    - Nick Greene

    PhoneTrans is a flexible, powerful, and — most importantly — intuitive way to migrate and backup your smartphone data. With support for up to 11 types of data on Android and 24 types of data on iOS, it lets you skip all the frustrating drudgery and get everything migrated and configured as quickly as possible.

    - Android Central Team

    Whether you're moving from Android to iPhone, or iPhone to Android, or just from iPhone to iPhone, PhoneTrans will work perfectly to move you and all your data across to your new phone seamlessly.

    - Pocket-lint Team

    Whether you are upgrading your iPhone or switching from Android to iPhone, data transfer can be a risky business. PhoneTrans by iMobie can be a boon, with its 1-click transfer interface, cross-platform device transfer, extensive data type support, and flexible transfer mode.

    - Arshmeet

    iMobie’s PhoneTrans is a new Mac and Windows app for frictionless phone-to-phone data transfer that makes it easy to transfer everything across iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

    - iDownloadBlog Team

    PhoneTrans offers a very robust system for you to make sure a new device doesn’t mean starting over with your data. This software is a very effective suite of tools to make sure you make that transition as painless as possible.

    - Andrew Allen

    To put it bluntly, PhoneTrans joins iMobie’s range of other software-based products as the one-click solution for migrating data from one device to another. This could be from an iOS smartphone to an Android smartphone, an Android tablet to an iOS tablet, or any variation of those combinations.

    - Paul Morris

    By allowing you to decide what data to migrate and what not, PhoneTrans makes it faster and more flexible to move data from one phone to another.


    PhoneTrans gives you an option to transfers what you need. It provides you with the flexibility to select and transfer the data you actually want, like contacts, photos, music, etc. This feature saves you a lot of time and even space on your new device.

    - Sahal

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William Ramirez


PhoneTrans is really easy to use and I can switch phones even without technical knowledge.



Works as it promises. A bit expensive but acceptable.

Brian Jason


Simple UI and easy to use.

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