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Upgraded to a fancy new phone, and want to keep all your sweet memories, important data & files, and preferred settings? PhoneTrans feels you, so brings the innovative and unique Phone Clone feature. It can help you copy nearly all content from your old device to the new - contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, even your customized ringtones and wallpaper. Everything you care about would be moved over precisely at one go.

Note: Phone Clone feature will erase all the original data and settings on the target device.

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Clone iPhones or Android Phones However You Like

No matter you want a clone from iPhone to iPhone or from one Android phone to another of a different brand, PhoneTrans can always help you get there. Whether it’s between the same iOS/Android version, from an older version to a newer version, or vice versa, the clone goes smoothly just as you like. Did we mention that you can even copy content from an iPad or Android tablet to your phone? Yes, that’s also 1-click easy.


  • Phone Clone is only for iPhone/iPad to iPhone/iPad migration or migration between Android devices. Cross-system transfer is not available.
  • It’s available for devices running iOS/iPadOS 9-14 or Android 5 and above.

Perfect Clone Is One Tap Away

A complete clone of your phone can be ultra-easy and effortless. Upon just a simple tap of your mouse, you are able to clone your phones perfectly. Almost all the content will be transferred onto the target device and well placed in the right place. Not a single additional operation from you is required. The only thing you should take into account is how to enjoy your new phone to the fullest.

What Content You Can Clone from Phone to Phone?

iPhone/iPad to iPhone/iPad (24 Types of Data Supported)Android Device to Android Device (11 Types of Data Supported)
Blocked Contacts
Call History
Voice Memos
Safari History
Safari Bookmarks
APK Files
ZIP Files
App Data Only the part of app data that is not restricted by the sandbox can be transferred.
WhatsApp / LINE / Viber Chats
Home Screen Arrangement
Other Settings
Other Data

Apps, app data, and WhatsApp/LINE/Viber chats are not supported to be cloned to iPhone/iPad, but they can be transferred to iPhone/iPad via App Transfer feature.

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