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  • Why the Program Didn't Find my iPod?

    1. Your iPod may not be recognized by Windows or Mac system, please make sure it can be found in iTunes.

    2. Please make sure your iPod disk use is enabled. To do so, please see this guide.

    3. If you are using a Mac formatted iPod, iMobie software can't find it until you restore your device through iTunes. Macs use HFS+ file structure which cannot be read in Windows.

    4. Try to connect iPod to computer directly instead of connecting via an USB hub.

  • Why the Program Didn't Find my iPhone/iPad?

    1. Please make sure your iPhone/iPad/iTouch USB cable is good to use and iTunes (latest version) can read your device correctly. If you are not sure about this, please follow this guide.

    2. If you used to have trouble with iTunes, here is a guide about how to completely remove and reinstall iTunes.

    If our software still cannot read your device, please download the relevant full pack version here to have a try.

  • How to Disable iTunes Auto-syncing?

    1. Before you plug the iPhone or iPod into the computer, go to iTunes.

    2. On a PC, go to the iTunes menu > Preferences > Devices. On a Mac, go to Edit > Settings > Devices.

    3. In the pop up window, look for the icon or tab that says Devices. Choose it.

    4. Just below the box, you'll see a checkbox reading "Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically."

    5. Check it and click OK at the bottom of the window.

  • Can I Transfer iPod Music from More than One Computer?

    Yes, our PodTrans Pro can help you to transfer iPod music from a portions of different iTunes libraries on different computers. And here is a detailed transfer music to iPod without iTunes guide for you.

  • Why your Installer Asked me to Install .NET 4.0? Is it safe?

    Because iMobie software are based on .NET developing environment, so they all have dependencies to install: .NET Framework 4.0. Please be assured that .NET Framework is developed by Microsoft and it is 100% SAFE to use.

  • Why No Song on my iPod after Importing Music with Your Software?

    The most likely reason that caused this issue is the iTunes settings are improper. If previously the iTunes auto sync option has been selected, then every time you import music with PodTrans Pro, the transferred songs will be immediately erased by iTunes. Please follow this instructions to work it out.

  • Why Some Songs Won't Sync from iTunes to iPhone?

    Double check if the songs on your iTunes library have same folder location as before. Sometimes iTunes does not indicate which songs it cannot find until you select them. Songs in your library that iTunes can't locate, won't be synced to your iPhone. Or you can follow this full tutorial.

  • How to Fix Grey & Unplayable Music on iPhone and iPod touch?

    Some users recently reported that when transferring music from iTunes to the new generation iPod touch, the music shows up in the iPod as light/gray instead of bold. And the music won't playback on the iPod touch. After testing, we found that this is a commen error (usually caused by iTunes or other third party transfer software). So please follow this guide to resolve.