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Welcome to AnyTrans online help page. For the general software support, you can follow below how-to tutorials. And if you still have questions, please check our dedicated FAQ page or contact us directly. If you are pleased with our AnyTrans, please share it with your friends, with a simple click of a badge below:

Part 1: Welcome Screen Overview

Welcome Interface Overview

Part 2: Operating Interface Overview

Operating Interface Overview
  • The AnyTrans function keys:

      Refresh the File List Window   Add music and media files onto device
      Remove files from device   Transfer files onto computer hard drive
      Copy files to iTunes library   Transfer files from device to device
  • In File List Window, all media information will appear here, such as Title, Time, Artist, Album, etc.
  • To export music to PC / iTunes, delete songs, or add songs to Playlist, you can use the shortcut by right-clicking on the mouse.

    AnyTrans Context Menu

Part 3: How to Export Music to Computer

Step 1: Connect your iPhone (iPad, iPod) to the computer. AnyTrans can support unlimited devices at once.

Connect your device

Step 2: After plugging in your iPhone (iPad, iPod), you will find it on the top side of AnyTrans. Click Music tab:

Click Music to Continue

Step 3: Highlight the songs you want to transfer. AnyTrans Filter can help you locate particular songs from the library. You can sort out songs by Artists, Albums, Genres, etc. and AnyTrans will display the songs based on your selection:

Find Songs Quickly

Step 4: Click to iTunes/to PC/to Device and set the destination folder for your music > click OK to start.

Tip: 1. Make sure the target output folder has enough vacant space.

2. Regularly AnyTrans will transfer over 7000 songs in only about 25 minutes, but the transferring speed also depends on USB cable, computer hard disk format, as well as other external factors.

Part 4: How to Backup Music to iTunes library

To transfer music from iPhone to iTunes library, you can simply follow Highlight songs from the list window > Click To iTunes library > Start transfer. It's done. Everything about your music will be perfectly preserved, such as Artists, Albums, Genres, or Composers, etc.

Transfer Music to iTunes

Tips: During the transferring process, the system will help you automatically bring up iTunes, so that you can immediately check the added songs in iTunes library.

Part 5: How to Transfer Music between iPhone, iPad and iPod

AnyTrans can help you transfer music collection between the new iDevices and the old ones, follow: choose the target songs > click To Device:

Transfer between iPhone, iPad, iTouch

Choose a device as the target one > Click OK to start:

Transfer between iPhone, iPad, iTouch

Part 6: How to Import Music from Computer

To import music to iPhone (iPad, iPod), follow: Click Add > Pick up the songs > Open. Everything is done. The advantage of using AnyTrans to add music is that, unlike iTunes Sync, it will not erase the original music.

Import Music to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Part 7: How to Create Playlists

  • Click Playlist tab, you'll see:

    How to Add Playlist 1

  • To create or remove a playlist, you can simply click Plus/Minus button:

    How to Add iTunes Playlist 2

  • To add songs into the new playlist, you can follow: Highlight the songs > Right-click the mouse > In the Context Menu, click Add to Playlist:

    How to Add iTunes Playlist 2

Tips 1: Since your Smart Playlist is automatically created by iTunes, and it is always synchronized with iTunes library, so we set Smart Playlist modification disabled by default.

Part 8: Transfer other media files to/from iPhone (iPad, iPod touch)

iTunes handles very type of media content differently: Keynote files are handled via apps file sharing, music, video and photos have to be synced, books can be dragged and dropped, etc. But now with AnyTrans, you can freely populate your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with any type of iOS supported content.

Part 9: How to Transfer Files Over Wi-Fi Connection

AnyTrans Wi-Fi Transfer feature is based on iTunes 10.5, which introduced the ability to sync your iOS device over Wi-Fi network. Because Apple cannot assure the 100% stability of Wi-Fi Syncing, you may experience some problems after setting up Wi-Fi option on AnyTrans, and please use below steps to find a solution:

  • Make sure iOS device running iOS 5 or later, and a computer running iTunes 10.5 or later.
  • Make sure your device and computer are using the same Wi-Fi network.
  • It is recommended to check "Sync with this device over Wi-Fi" option in iTunes, to do so: Connect your iOS device with your computer > Launch iTunes and select your device on the left side of the iTunes window > Click the Summary tab > Scroll down to the Options section > enable the "Sync with this iOS device over Wi-Fi" option > Click the Apply Button.

    How to Use Wi-Fi Transfer Files 1

  • Open AnyTrans > Preferences > General > Check "Connet 'Device Name' over Wi-Fi" box:

    How to Add iTunes Playlist 2

  • After a while, quit and reopen AnyTrans, unplug your iOS device and check whether our program can detect it over Wi-Fi, as:

    How to Add iTunes Playlist 3

  • If AnyTrans still cannot detect your device, restart your home network router. You also need to make sure that your devices are not using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), or that they are all on the same VPN. A VPN may isolate the device and cause connectivity disruptions.
  • Be sure your device's battery level is higher than 70%, or you can just keep it charging.
  • For transferring a large numbers of files, we highly suggest you to use USB cable connection for its faster speed and much better stability.

Part 10: How to Use iWizard

iWizard 1

1. Transfer Music with Rating and Play count

Choose iTunes Library > Check 'Export media ratings and play-counts simultaneously' box:

iWizard 2

2. Transfer the Whole Playlist

Choose an output option > Select Base on Playlist > Click Next:

iWizard 3

You'll see all playlists on your phone. Choose the target ones and start transfer.

iWizard 4

3. Find and Transfer Particular Media Items

iWizard 5

You can sort out, group and select media items from below window:

iWizard 6

4. Transfer Music between Two Devices

Select Other Device > Pick up a target device > follow steps as above.

iWizard 7

Part 11: How to Transfer iPhone iPad iTouch App

To transfer Apps, follow: Click Applications tab > Pick up Apps you want to move > Click To iTunes / To PC / To Device in accordance with where you want to keep them.

Transfer iPhone App 1

With AnyTrans, you can keep all App data, game progresses and personal settings during the transferring. To adjust the default settings, please follow: Summary > Preferences > General > Application:

Transfer iPhone App 3

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