Manage Music, Apps and Other Files on Your iPhone, iPad and iPod

AnyTrans is the first app (for PC & Mac) to offer iPhone, iPad and iPod management all in one program and at a great price. Now you can put music, movies, apps and any other type of entertainment file directly on your Apple devices, including iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPod touch 5 and all Apple iDevices made since the original iPod and iPhone.

iWizard – A brand new syncing experience to make your life easier

iWizard on iPhone iPod Manager Software

iWizard is a feature unique to iMobie Pro products, which makes managing your iPhone, iPad and iPod content very easy.

Through the intuitive wizard, you are able to back up music and movies from Apple devices to the iTunes library or to a folder on your PC / Mac computer. To ensure your iTunes can be perfectly restored, iWizard saves all your personal data, such as ratings, play counts, tags and art work.

AnyTrans is able to import iPod music from multiple iTunes libraries stored on different computers. You don't have to worry about losing existing songs as AnyTrans simply adds new songs to your iDevices.

Superior Management of Playlists

AnyTrans has a playlist management feature that is unsurpassed by any other iPhone, iPod manager. It allows you to create, edit and remove playlists and to even use playlists from older iPods. Playlists from iPods right back to the iTunes or the original device can be used on your shiny, new iPod nano 7, iPod touch 5 and iPad mini. Besides, they can also be moved to devices belonging to friends as gifts.

Transfer Playlist with AnyTrans
iPhone App Manager

Transfer Apps between iPhone, iPad and iTunes

When upgrading to a new iDevice, AnyTrans is able to transfer your apps to your new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iTunes library. Not only is the app transferred, you can choose to transfer your app data, saved games and personal settings as well. This way your high scores and superior status can be perfectly maintained.

Now, no need of iTunes, iCloud or jail-breaking, AnyTrans helps to install particular apps on your iDevices while you don't have to lose existing ones.

Play any media files on iPhone iPad with ease

AnyTrans will handle all your media file transfers. No more "Incompatible Format" messages. AnyTrans has an advanced inbuilt media conversion facility. With this feature, AnyTrans will convert all incompatible video/audio media to Apple iDevice formats. While transferring files, AnyTrans will automatically optimize the video and audio quality to match your device's capability.

With just one click, you'll get perfect 720P or 1080P high definition H.264 video for your iPhone and iPad. With these formats, you'll be able to enjoy playback through AirPlay or while on the move. Moreover, AnyTrans will also create custom iPhone ringtones in high quality AAC audio format.

Convert Video to iPhone iPad
Fast iPhone iPod Manager Software

Super Fast Transfer Speed

We are keen on attempting the edge-cutting technologies that's the way you can feel from AnyTrans. The up-to-the-minute Lightning interface and USB 3.0 just allow you to experience up to 3X as fast. If you're used to sync device over Wi-Fi, then AnyTrans will help to upgrade 2X speed by using Ultrafast wireless.

To ultimately shorten the media convertion process, we applied Multi-core CPU, Hyper-threading and other hardware accelerations as well. Our goal is to make use of the high-tech in your daily life, and the new round of AnyTrans speed upgrade is already on the way.

Top Features

Supports All iDevices Compatible with all iPhones, iPads and iPods ever made; iMobie committed to continually update and support all future Apple iDevices.
iDevice-to-iDevice Transfer Migrates iPhone music, movies and apps to iPad and iPod, and vice versa. Straightforward music transfers from old iPhones to new iPhones.
Rebuild iTunes Library Recover and rebuild iTunes library from iPhones and iPods in case you get serious breakdown on your iTunes or PC / Mac hard drive disaster.
New iWizard iWizard - offering a brand-new iDevice sync experience; faster, simpler and more powerful than iTunes or other similar software.
Complete App Transfer The only App Transfer program that supports the transfer of apps between multiple devices, keeps all app data, saved games & personal settings.
Copy Playlists and More Create, merge, remove and transfer playlists between iPhones, iPads, iPods and iTunes; Keeps ratings, artworks, tags, play-counts and all media info.
Freely Add iPod Music Flexibly import music and movies without losing existing ones; No need to jailbreak your device or perform a full iTunes sync.
Convert Video on the Fly Spontaneously detect incompatible video/audio files, and convert them to iDevice friendly format during the transferring.
Blazingly Fast Speed Takes advantage of USB 3.0, Lightning, Ultrafast Wi-Fi, Multi-core CPU, Hyper-threading and hardware acceleration to achieve the fastest transfer speeds.
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What Customers Say

AnyTrans runs much faster than iTunes especially when I need to load my new iPad with Words, PDF document files or video movies that requires syncing through iTunes.

- Tyler Blodget

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