How to Fix Android Messages for Web Not Working

One of the greatest advantages of mobile communications is the possibility to reach your friends instantly, so any issues compromising this ability are very annoying. However, you shouldn’t despair if an application like Messages for web is not working, since an easy solution is probably at hand.

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Google Messages for Web is a very useful software that allows you to send SMS and MMS messages from a PC computer. This application can be started from a standard browser, and the messages you send will appear as if they are coming from your normal phone number. That way, you can still stay in touch with your contacts when your phone is broken or when you simply want to do everything from one device.

Despite all the practical benefits, Google Messages for Web not working is a relatively common issue that will disrupt your rhythm and force you to search for a solution. Sometimes, you may find that Messages not showing all messages, Messages for Web’s QR code not working, or receive the message saying unable to send this message, etc. It should be possible to fix the issue on your own, without having to consult a professional or pay for repairs.

To learn how to deal with Google Messages for Web or Android Messages not working, pay attention to the following solutions that usually get it done. Of course, you need to perform the steps of the solutions based on the exact circumstances you are facing and your estimation of the type of problem you have.

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Why is Google Messages for Web not Working

The first question you need to answer is why Messages for Web isn’t working as expected. Like with all other application crashes, there could be several different reasons.

Take notice of the details related to loss of service, and you should be able to deduce whether the problem was caused by a faulty internet connection, lack of RAM memory, bugs in the app, or something else. You don’t have to diagnose the issue with absolute certainty, but having a clear idea about the root problem will make the recovery phase shorter.

How to Fix Messages for Web Not Working on Computer

More often than not, a simple operation will suffice to restore full functionality to Android Web for messages on your PC. The trick is to correctly guess which operation is the right one. This is why it’s wise to start with actions that work in the largest number of cases and move on to the next solution in case you don’t get the outcome you want.

1. Reconnect to Messages for Web

Perhaps the simplest way of getting Messages for Web back into the function is to close the app and start it again. This might resolve any temporary conflicts that are preventing the messages from coming through. For best results, exit the app through the sign out option like in the following image:

Wait for a few minutes before signing in again with your credentials. According to numerous users, this simple action has a very good chance to remedy the underlying issue and allow you to communicate with your friends without interruption.

2. Clear Cookies from your Browser

Another idea to try when Android Messages for Web are not operational is to delete all cookies accumulated in your browser. Some of those cookies could be corrupted, causing all kinds of trouble with different web applications. Fortunately, getting rid of them is very easy – just click on the menu in your browser, find the ‘More tools’ option, and choose Clear Browsing Data.

Don’t forget to check the box next to the ‘Cookies and other site data’ item before you click on the ‘Clear data’ button. This should clear out your cache and hopefully remove the offending cookie that caused Messages for Web to stop working in the first place.

3. Try to Unpair and Pair Again

If you recently reset or switched to a new phone, you can try to unpair Messages for Web and pair again. It can reset the app settings and restart the connection correctly.

Unpair Messages for Web:

  • On your computer: Open Messages for Web, click More and Unpair.
  • On Android phone: Open Messages > Click More > Device Pairing > Choose the computer you want to unpair, click Delete Delete > Tap Unpair to confirm.

Turn on Messages for Web:

  • On your computer: Open Messages for Web, the QR code shows. You can check the Remember this computer for the next time.
  • On Android phone: Open Messages > Click More > Device Pairing > Scan the QR code shown on the computer.

4. Open the App in Another Browser

Switching from your default internet browser to an alternative is an even more straightforward way of solving the problem, especially if it happens often. There are several popular options to choose from and all of them perform quite well, so you won’t have to sacrifice much in the process, although it might take a while to get used to the new interface. Of course, you should check whether your Android Messages for Web works from the selected browser before you make the switch permanent.

Some Chrome extensions could block the Messages for Web. If you’re using a Chrome browser, try to turn off extensions: open Chrome > click More button from the top-right > click More tools and choose Extensions > Turn the extensions off.

5. Check Google Messages Status

Sometimes, the issue might originate on the server-side – if the Google Messages website is not operational at the moment, your messages won’t be delivered. Even if you can solve this kind of issue, it’s comforting to know what went wrong and that you are not to blame. That’s why it makes sense to check the status of the service before coming to any conclusion. The only obstacle is that you need third-party tools to do this as the status can’t be checked directly. However, there are websites like that can provide you with the answer you seek.

Fix Messages for Web Not Working on your Phone

If the WiFi connection is not stable, Messages for Web may not be working. For example, if you get the message that says unable to send this message. your device is not connected to a mobile network, just make sure your phone has background data turned on for Android Messages:

  1. Go to settings on Android and find Network & internet.
  2. Click Data usage and Mobile data usage.
  3. Locate the Messages app and turn on Background data.

The Bottom Line

Even if you encounter a situation with Messages for Web not working, you shouldn’t get discouraged and instead should try some of the tips explained above. In all likelihood, the app will soon continue working normally and you will once more be able to use your PC as proxy for sending SMS and MMS messages. Since problems of this kind occur rarely and are usually fixed within minutes, you can focus on all the benefits you get from this excellent app and not worry about technical issues.

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