How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock if Forgotten

Forgot the Android pattern and wonder how to unlock your phone? This guide can help you out with the efficient ways to unlock android pattern lock if forgotten.

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Today, most smartphone users tend to set patterns, PINs, fingerprints, or other screen locks to protect personal data from prying eyes. However, patterns were forgotten, and you are locked out. You may first try your best to guess a possible pattern lock, but nothing works. Then, how do I unlock my Android if I forgot the pattern?

Here in this post, you can get into a locked phone with the help of common pattern designs. Also, here are available ways to unlock Android pattern locks. You can reset the pattern lock, unlock the pattern without losing data, unlock any phone pattern, etc. Keep reading and find the solution that works best for you.

How to Unlock Pattern without Losing Data

1. Google Find My Device

The Find My Device feature of Google allows you to unlock patterns without losing data and you can locate your phone and control it remotely. Here we offer you a step-by-step guide for unlocking patterns via Google Find My Device. For more details or functions, please visit Google’s official website.

Before getting started with the steps below, make sure you have added your Google account to your locked phone before activating the remote unlock feature, and your device is powered on and connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Step 1: Visit Find My Device’s official website and log in to your Google Account associated with the locked phone.

Step 2: In Find My Device interface select your device > Click Lock.

Bypass Samsung Lock Screen with Android Device Manager

Bypass Samsung Lock Screen with Android Device Manager

Step 3: Enter the new password > Click on Lock again to save.

Step 4: Open your locked phone and enter your password, and it should work now.

2. Unlock Samsung Pattern by Samsung Find my Mobile

Samsung has a similar feature named “Find My Mobile”. Beyond the unlocking screen, Find My Mobile enables you to lock your lost phone, erase data, back up, retrieve calls/messages, and more. Here’s how to unlock the pattern on Samsung:

Step 1: Go to Samsung Find my Mobile and sign in using your Samsung account.

Unlock Samsung Pattern Lock via Samsung Find My Mobile Service

Unlock Samsung Pattern Lock via Samsung Find My Mobile Service

Step 2: Choose Unlock feature. And a window will pop up as below, click Unlock again to confirm.

Tap on Unlock Button

Tap on Unlock Button

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Remove Pattern Lock with Google Account (Android OS 4.4 and lower)

Still, with your Google account, you get a chance to reset the pattern via the Forget Pattern feature of Android devices. And you can unlock your device without resetting via this method. But this quick fix only works on Android OS 4.4 and lower. If it fits you, follow the easy steps below and learn how.

Step 1. Randomly enter a wrong password 5 times then you’ll be taken to a screen that asks whether you have forgotten your pattern.

Step 2. Tap on the Forgotten pattern on the bottom corner then sign in your Google username/email and password that is associated with your locked phone.

Enter Google Account and Password to Unlock

Enter Google Account and Password to Unlock

Step 3. Follow the wizard to create a new pattern, or just tap on None if you don’t want a pattern anymore.

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How to Unlock Any Phone Pattern

If the above easy solutions don’t work for you, then things get a bit complicated. Don’t worry as there are more fixes in our bucket. The first silver lining is DroidKit, which enables you to break your Android pattern lock without root. It is a nice lock removal tool to save you from ending up with a locked phone after too many pattern attempts. And except for pattern lock, you can also unlock the locked phone if you are using a PIN, fingerprint, or other screen locks.

Besides, it works perfectly on 20,000+ models of phones and tablets. You can bypass pattern lock in Samsung with ease. Also, if you are using a Huawei phone, Google Pixel, etc., DroidKit can unlock it right away for you. It provides you with friendly unlocking solutions that ask for no skills and no technical knowledge either.

Now, just follow the below instructions to unlock the pattern and regain access to your locked phone in minutes.

Step 1. Get DroidKit downloaded on your computer. Launch the tool and choose Screen Unlocker.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Choose Unlock Screen Function

Choose Unlock Screen Function

Step 2. Connect your locked phone > Tap on Remove now after the configuration file is prepared.

Click Remove Now Button

Click Remove Now Button

Step 3. Select your device brand.

Confirm your Device Brand and Continue

Confirm your Device Brand and Continue

Step 4. Then, you need to put your device into recovery mode and wipe cache partition. Note that: It will erase your data after successful lock screen removal.

Step 5. After that, DroidKit will start the unlocking process till it’s finished.

Lock Screen Is Removed and Your Android Phone Is Reset

Pattern Lock is Removed

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How to Unlock Pattern Lock [Video Guide]

How to Unlock Pattern via Reboot to Safe Mode

Since Safe mode can disable most 3rd party applications, then you can count on it to get your pattern removed if you’re locked out by 3rd party lock screen apps. Safe Mode will restrict mobile data access to 3rd party apps completely. You can still make and receive phone calls and messages while other apps are dependent on the specific device.

This method is relatively easy and you should have no trouble implementing it. Let’s walk you through the process below:

Step 1. Turn the device off first. Press and hold the Power key (on the right-hand side of most Samsung phones) and Volume Down key (on the left-hand side) at the same time until the Safe Mode screen displays on the bottom left corner.

Step 1. Within Safe Mode, navigate around the device to disable the lock screens replacement app, and then the lock will be removed naturally.

Step 3. To exit Safe Mode, hold Volume Down and Power for more than 5 seconds then the phone will restart.

Unlock via Safe Mode

Unlock via Safe Mode

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Bypass Samsung Pattern Lock with Resetting

In Android Recovery Mode, you are able to bypass pattern lock by resetting your phone with physical buttons. But make it your last resort as all settings and data will be wiped off after a factory reset and it is not reversible, so make sure your information is backed up to Google drive, Samsung Cloud, or somewhere else before attempting to reset your phone.

To bypass pattern lock in Samsung with resetting:

Step 1. Turn off your phone then press and hold the Volume Up, Power, and Home/Bixby buttons simultaneously until the Recovery mode appears on the screen.

Step 2. From the Installing System Update screen, use the Volume Up/Down button to move and the power button to select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option.

Step 3. Use the Volume Down button to move the blue highlight to the YES option, and press the Power button again to select Yes. Then wait for a few minutes to complete the factory data reset process.

Step 4. Use the Power button to select the Reboot System Now option to set up your phone.

What is the Most Common Pattern to Unlock a Phone?

According to Android Authority, “lock patterns are more predictable than we thought”. And there are common patterns that most users use. You can guess pattern lock and try to remember yours with the help of the following statistics:

  • 44% of people usually start their patterns from the top-left corner dot.
  • 77% of users started their patterns in one of the corners.
  • Most users use only 5 nodes, and a significant amount only used 4.
  • Over 10% of lock patterns were made in the shape of a letter (often representing the first initial of the person or a loved one).

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to unlock Android pattern lock if forgotten. And DroidKit provides you Android phone unlocker to break patterns on Android with a quick process. Just follow the instructions above to get access to your locked phone without any hassle. And you can also explore more functions in it. If you have any questions about this guide, let us know by leaving messages in the comments below.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

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