[2024] How to Download and Use Moto FRP Tool

Do you know that you can actually bypass FRP lock on your Motorola from the comfort of your home, without meeting with any technician? If not, then you are missing out. Just grab that FRP lock Moto phone of yours, and let’s walk you through how to unlock using Moto FRP Tool.

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DroidKit – Bypass Motorola FRP Lock Directly in Simple Clicks

How to bypass FRP lock on Motorola, if you are locked out of your device by it? Just free download DroidKit to bypass FRP Motorola, only with simple clicks and a few minutes!

Motorola devices are another unique smartphone running underneath the Android operating system. These devices are nicely designed with great functionalities that are rare to find. When it comes to security, Motorola is highly rated.

Just like other Android smartphones, Motorola also uses Google FRP security for users’ privacy and data protection. However, the FRP bypass model is quite unique, as the device often selects too that it connects with. 

You must have the corresponding FRP tool to unlock your FRP locked Motorola device. With this in mind, our team took the bold step to look into Moto FRP Tool, plus how it works. In addition, we will share an alternative tool to remove FRP lock on your Motorola phone.

What Is FRP on Motorola?

Factory Reset Protection, which is abbreviated as FRP, is a unique security function tucked into devices running on Android OS. This feature is programmed with the aim of protecting users’ data, and privacy by simply preventing intruders or unauthorized persons access to a Motorola device in case it goes missing. 

The working model is pretty simple, but quite complicated for hackers or intruders to decode.  All you need is to provide the corresponding username and password to the Google account linked to your Motorola device after subjecting it to factory reset. Unless you share your credentials, no one can access your device. 

While this security function is beneficial, it can cause a problem for users, especially when the device is second-hand. Also, in scenarios where a user forgets the corresponding credentials to their Google account, the Motorola device gets locked. 

Regardless of how you got locked out of your Motorola device, you can bypass FRP lock. The next section of this post will focus on that. 

What Is Moto FRP Tool?

Motorola is quite different from other Android devices when it comes to FRP Lock, as it’s tool selective. A unique FRP bypass tool like Moto FRP Tool is the best unlock solution you can count on to help you regain full control of your Motorola device. 

Moto FRP Tool is dedicated to removing FRP lock without compromising users’ data or crashing the OS. Whether you forgot the credentials to your Google Account, or bought a second-hand device with FRP lock on it, this tool will surely come through for you to remove the corresponding lock. 

This tool is well built with a comprehensive interface for stress-free navigation. It works with all Motorola Android devices, but doesn’t connect with other Android brands. Moto FRP Tool is completely free to operate with no restrictions. 


  • Moto FRP Tool is free to use.
  • Connects with all Motorola models, whether old or new generations.


  • Moto FRP Tool requires some IT tech for it to completely bypass FRP lock on your Motorola device.
  • There’s no official website where you can visit to lay complaints whenever an issue arises. 
  • It works with only Motorola devices. 

How to Use Motorola FRP Tool

Using the Moto FRP Tool to bypass FRP lock on your Motorola device is easy, just follow the guide below to do that: 

Step 1: Run a browser on your computer system, and head to the Moto FRP Tool webpage. Find and click on the download button to install the tool on your computer. Launch Moto FRP Tool, and enter igurulife in the password field to open it. 

Step 2: Next, turn off the Motorola phone, and put it in fastboot mode. To do that, simply hold down the Volume Up + Power buttons simultaneously. 

Once it shows you are in fastboot mode, connect the device to your computer system using the right USB cable. 

Step 3: Next, Moto FRP Tool will detect your device. Once it does, your Motorola phone will restart automatically (at 1-2 times). After that, a prompt labeled Found will come up on your display screen. 

Step 4: Lastly, Moto FRP Tool will send a USB Debugging message to your phone. Kindly click OK, and your device will be completely unlocked. 

How to Bypass Motorola FRP without Computer

Although bypassing FRP with a third-party tool like the one mentioned above is the best option, you can also try other means. In this section, we introduce how to remove Motorola FRP lock directly from the device without a computer system. 

It’s a manual process with lengthy instructions to follow. If you are ready for the task, then apply the steps below: 

  • Turn on your FRP Motorola device, and connect it to a nearby WiFi router. While on the Lock Screen, hit the Emergency Call button. 
  • Next, hit the Emergency Information icon twice, and the corresponding page will come up.
Emergency Information Preview

Emergency Information Preview

  • Tap on the Pencil icon, and then click on the Profile Pic icon. 
  • Proceed to click on Change the profile image. 
  • Next, click Menu and select Photos > Permissions.
  • After that, another screen will come up. Tap on Contacts > See All Apps with this permission
  • Once done, you will be directed to another screen. Select Search Settings and tap on Settings App Info > Open
  • Now you will be directed to the settings pane on your Motorola device. Click on Accessibility, then toggle the slider beside Accessibility Menu right to activate it. 
Accessibility Menu on Motorola

Accessibility Menu on Motorola

  • Head back to the Settings pane, click Apps & Notifications. Click on App Info to proceed.
  • Another page showing all the apps on your Motorola phone will pop up. Kindly disable some of the apps that are linked with FRP. To do that, click the three dots icon appearing on the current page you are in, and hit the Show System Apps button. 
  • Click Android Setup, select Force Stop from the options and hit OK. After that, proceed to erase Storage and Cache. All you need for that is to click Disable > Disable App
  • Click the blue Android Setup icon, hit the Force Stop button, and select the appropriate button to erase all storage and cache files. 
  • Navigate to Google Play Service page, and hit Disable > Disable App
  • Next, return to your main screen, click Start, connect to a WiFi router and search for updates. 
  • Now head back to the previous screen, click Skip > Continue, and tap on More
  • Hit the Accept button, and you will be directed to your Locked Screen. Go back to Home Screen, then navigate to the Settings pane. 
  • Find the System icon, click on it, and select Advanced > Reset. Valise your action by clicking the right buttons and FRP lock will disappear immediately. 


  • Even though your Motorola device will bypass FRP Lock, you may get confused while applying the steps, as it’s lengthy. 
  • You need a strong WiFi connection to use this step conveniently. 
  • This solution only works for Motorola devices. 
  • It often leads to loss of data, as you need to erase your device. 

Most Professional Motorola FRP Tool Alternative – Bypass Motorola FRP Lock Directly [Safe & Easy]

Moto FRP Tool is a great tool but it’s not easy to use and can’t take on more functions. For example, after bypassing FRP lock, you unfortunately find that you forgot the password of Motorola, or you don’t know the lock screen password of the previous owner, what should you do at this time? Don’t be concerned. Here’s the most effective unlocking method for you! That is, to employ a professional tool: DroidKit – Android Phone Toolkit.

DroidKit has the highest success rate in the market for removing FRP locks. It has helped a large number of users to bypass FRP lock since its release. Here are some of its features:

Key Features:

  • With the help of DroidKit, removing the FRP lock is quite simple for all users because you simply follow the instructions and click on buttons to finish the process.
  • It only takes a few minutes to bypass FRP. Much faster than you think and save your precious time.
  • It guarantees 100% data safety during the FRP lock removal procedure, so no data is deleted, and the device’s settings are not altered.
  • It covers all on Samsung, Xiaomi, Redmi, OPPO, POCO, Motorola, Lenovo, and VIVO devices without password and supports almost all Android systems, including the latest Android OS.
  • Also, it offers a lot of other features like Android issue repair, data recovery, screen unlocker, system cleaner, and more.

Free get DroidKit and follow the below steps to get your hands on your device without a password!

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download* 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Download DroidKit and open it > Click  FRP Bypass mode.

Choose FRP Bypass Mode

Choose FRP Bypass Mode

Step 2. Connect your Motorola phone to the computer with a USB cable > Click Start button.

Connect Device and Click Start

Connect Device and Click Start

Step 3. Select your device brand > Then DroidKit will prepare the configuration file for your device > Tap on Start to Bypass.

Choose Device Brand

Choose Device Brand

Step 4.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the corresponding settings > Tap on Reset button.

Follow the Bypass Steps

Follow the Bypass Steps

Step 5. Then, DroidKit will start to bypass the FRP lock of your Motorola device. Once it is completed, you will see the below interface.

FRP Bypass Complete

FRP Bypass Complete


Q1. Is it possible to bypass FRP without a computer?

Yes, you can bypass FRP lock on your Android phone without a computer. All you need is to install FRP Bypass APK, an Android app capable of removing FRP on Samsung, LG and more. 

Q2. What’s the best FRP bypass tool?

With the internet filled without over a thousand FRP bypass tools, choosing the best can be a tedious task to execute. But as experts in this field, our team has tested all available FRP unlock tools, and came to the conclusion that DroidKit is the most effective due to the outstanding performance overtime.   

Final Words

Now you know what Moto FRP Tool is, and how it works. It’s an unfortunate thing to have your Motorola phone locked by FRP, but luckily you can learn how to solve it through this article.

If you want to bypass the FRP lock when you forget the device’s passcode. Then you need to just go with the DridKit, which is a solution to thousands of problems. It will help you to get access within just a few seconds. Free get and try DroidKit and share your experience in the comments section below.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

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