Manage All Android Data and Files at Your Fingertips Get Back Your Lost Photos, and Precious Memories

Manage All Android Data and Files at Your Fingertips

DroidKit integrates all the cluttered data from your Android phone, and displays them clearly by data type, such as photos, videos, contacts, files, etc. You can preview all data intuitively and manage them efficiently in your way. Whether you export data to your computer, or import data to your phone, you can make it in no more than 3 steps.

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All Types of Android Data, Well Organized with Ease and Comfort

DroidKit makes it easy for you to securely preview, manage, and transfer all kinds of data, such as media files, personal data, apps and documents. With just a few simple clicks, all the data will be presented with a new look as you need.

Save Your Valuable Data on Computer with 1 Click

Save Your Valuable Data on Computer with 1 Click

Contacts, messages, call logs are too vital to lose. Photos, music, and videos delight you during the uneventful days, which also take up phone storage. DroidKit enables you to 1 click to export them to the computer, so no more data is lost. As well, your device has more room for new photos, trending movies, and popular games. Better still, the Android files can also be moved to an external disk for on-the-go usage.

Lightning Fast Speed

Fast Speed

Original Quality Preserved

Original Quality

One-Click Batch Export

Batch Export

Save Your Valuable Data on Computer with 1 Click

Enrich Your Phone to Keep Up with the Trend

You like to stay on trend by exploring new things. Just add your saved apps, games, latest music, movies, top-selling books, etc. from the computer to your phone with simple clicks. All the transferred files will be imported losslessly to your phone, with the format you need. Get ready to spend less time managing and more time enjoying your updated Android content.

Go Get DroidKit

Go Get DroidKit

The complete Android solution to save your lost data, revive your dead phone, and optimize your mobile experience in a way simple, smart, and secure.

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