How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Reset

Whether you’ve got a new iPhone or trying to restore your old one, there are chances that it might get stuck while factory resetting. If you’re facing this issue, here are some foolproof methods on how to fix iPhone stuck on reset.

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I just got a new iPhone 12 mini today, when trying to download data from my iCloud my phone went into a restart. For the last three hours, it has been alternating from a black screen to a black screen with the apple logo. I am unable to turn it off or do a restart. What can I do to fix my iPhone 12 stuck in reset?

Resetting an iPhone to factory settings enables you to restore from iCloud backup, remove the locked screen, fix many iPhone software issues, and securely erase all content and settings on iPhone before selling/trading. However, many users reported their iPhones getting stuck on reset when they attempted factory resetting.

No matter the issue, there are always tips and tricks to fix it. This article will cover several quick fixes on how to fix iPhone stuck on reset. So, let’s get started!

Charge your iPhone

There’s a chance that your iPhone’s battery died during the resetting process. Therefore, charging your phone when it’s stuck on reset might help you restore it back to normal. Simply plug in the charger to start charging it.

Force Restart iPhone

If charging your phone goes in vain, force restarting your iPhone might do the trick!

Force Restart iPhones 8, iPhone SE (2nd generation), and later:

  • Press and release the volume up button, and do the same with the volume down button.
  • Now, long-press the side/power button.
  • Release the button until you see the Apple logo.

For iPhone 7 series:

  • Long-press the volume down and power button simultaneously till you see the Apple logo.

For iPhone 6, iPhone SE (1st generation), and Earlier:

  • Long-press the home button and the power button (side/top) together till you see the Apple logo.

In most cases, force restarting an iPhone usually gets rid of minor issues or glitches that cause it to get stuck on reset. However, there’s a slight chance that even forces restarting don’t work, and your iPhone continues to remain stuck. So…

iPhone Force Restart Not Working?

If, even after force restarting, your iPhone remains stuck on reset, here are some methods that might help you:

1. Fix iPhone Stuck on Reset with Recovery Mode

If force restarting your iPhone does not solve the issue, it’s time to put your iPhone in recovery mode and set it up from scratch! Recovery mode involves connecting your iPhone to a computer or iTunes and updating the OS or restoring a working backup. We suggest using this method only if nothing else is working.

So, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to put your iPhone in recovery mode and set it up:

Step 1. Put iPhone in Recovery Mode

  • iPhone 8 and Later: Press and release the volume up and down buttons one after the other > Now press and hold the side button until you see the “Connect to iTunes” option.
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Press the volume up, down, and power buttons at the same time till you see the “Connect to iTunes” prompt.
  • iPhone 6 and Earlier: Press the home and power buttons till you see the “Connect to iTunes” option.

Step 2. Connect iPhone and Choose Update Option

Now connect iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes. It will ask you to update or restore your iPhone. Click on “Update” to install the latest OS, or click on “Restore” to restore a working backup.

Update or Restore iPhone

Update or Restore iPhone

Step 3. Wait for the Process to Finish

Once the update or restore is complete, you can set up your iPhone by following the on-screen instructions.

In the majority of cases setting up your iPhone via recovery mode works. However, if your iPhone is still stuck on reset, the problem may be of a more technical nature. This calls for visiting your nearest Apple Shop and getting a representative to check your device.

Fix iPhone Frozen Reset with PhoneRescue

PhoneRescue for iOS can repair your iPhone system and reboot your phone normally. And, you can choose to factory reset your iPhone with PhoneRescue. All you need to do is connect your iPhone and choose Standard Mode to repair your iPhone.

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Install PhoneRescue for iOS using PC. Launch it and choose Data Rescuer > Repair iOS System, which enables you to fix iPhone stuck on reset, stuck in boot loop, keeps restarting, etc.

Free Download

Free Download

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Choose the Repair iOS System Mode

Choose Repair iOS System

Step 2. Select Standard Mode, which helps you to restore your iPhone to normal, and all data will be completely erased. If you want to repair iPhone without data loss, choose Advanced Mode.

Choose Advanced Mode

Choose Advanced Mode

Step 3. Follow the on-screen instruction to download firmware and start the repair process. Once finished, you will get the iOS repairing completed page as below with iPhone rebooting automatically.

iOS Repairing Completed

iOS Repairing Completed

PhoneRescue for iOS – Fix iPhone Factory Reset Stuck

With the simple steps above, you can repair your iPhone and get it out of the stuck issue. After the process is completed, your iPhone will be reset with the latest iOS 16 downloaded. What’s more, as iOS/iPadOS recovery tool, you can recover lost data [with or without a backup] with PhoneRescue for iOS. It’s friendly when you changed to the new iPhone 14 and want to restore iPhone backups.

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download* 100% Clean & Safe

Further Reading:

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Erase Pending

If your iPhone is stolen or lost, or you have forgotten your password, you may need to erase your phone remotely so that the data cannot be used by an unauthorized person.

But sometimes, when you erase your iPhone using iCloud, you get the “Erase Pending” notification. There could be several reasons for an iPhone to get this message, like:

  • An unstable internet connection.
  • iPhone locked or disabled with a password.
  • Too much data on the device.
  • iPhone is offline.

Regardless of the reason, here are several ways how to fix iPhone stuck on erase pending:

1. Reset Network Settings

Sometimes your network settings can be the reason your iPhone is stuck on erase pending. If you reset all your network settings and clear the network cache, you can restore the original network settings.

Here’s how to reset network settings:

Step 1. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Step 2. Now tap Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Step 3. Enter your passcode and click on Reset Network Settings to confirm your selection and restart your iPhone.

Reset Network Settings on iPhone

Reset Network Settings on iPhone

If resetting network settings doesn’t fix this issue, then it’s time to solve it via iTunes.

2. Restore iPhone Via iTunes

Another way to fix iPhone stuck on erase pending is to restore your iPhone via iTunes. Here are the steps for it:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your PC with a lightning cable and launch iTunes.

Step 2. Click on the device tab, then “Summary > Restore iPhone.”

With this method, iTunes will reset your iPhone and erase all the data present in it. Therefore, we recommend backing up your iPhone before proceeding with the restoration process.

The Bottom Line

When factory resetting your iPhone or trying to restore it, your device might get stuck on reset or keep restarting. Similarly, when you want to erase your iPhone in case it’s lost, stolen, or you forgot the password, you keep getting the “Erase Pending” notification. We have discussed several ways how to fix iPhone stuck on reset and an iPhone stuck on erase pending. And, PhoneRescue for iOS helps you to fix any stuck issues and restore your iPhone to normal with ease. Also, feel free to share your comments below.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

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