Do These Things When iPhone Is Stolen or Lost

What to do when the iPhone is stolen? Following these steps might help you to retrieve your iPhone and protect your data.

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It is quite annoying that your iPhone has been stolen, you may really feel depressed but you should have to do something immediately. So what to do when the iPhone is stolen? The thing you have done right away is so important that it could make a massive difference in protecting your data and getting your iPhone back. Things you have to do is listed below are recommended in 4 aspects: using Find My iPhone; Report your stolen iPhone; Recover your data; Tips you may concern about. Keep on reading, you will learn them in detail.

Use Find My iPhone to Locate, Lock and Erase Your Stolen iPhone

Find My iPhone

Use Find My iPhone When iPhone Was Stolen

Find My iPhone will help users to locate lost devices and protect the iPhone data. The features, Find My iPhone owns, are including finding lost devices on the map, playing sounds, displaying information, remotely locking your iPhone, and deleting all your data on your device.

  1. Find another iOS device, tap Find My iPhone app and sign in your Apple ID.
  2. The software will automatically locate the iPhone. And you may choose the stolen iPhone to see where it is now.
  3. Tap the “Actions” and you can find your lost device on the map, play sounds, display information, remotely lock devices, or delete all data in them.
  4. You can play sound if you are sure the iPhone is not stolen or picked up by other men. But if you definitely know your iPhone has been stolen, you may tap the second button”lost mode”, then your lost device will only display the people the time and the message you have sent. So you can write a letter to tell him/her the iPhone is really important and you can give him/her some money if you give it back.
  5. Erase your data remotely if you can not get the iPhone back anymore. Keep your data safe with this step.
  6. If you do not have any other iOS device, you may log in to your iCloud and sign in your Apple ID on a computer, then you can use Find My iPhone app on it.

If you try to find your iPhone through Find My iPhone, your device must be connected in a network. If not, you won’t get the feedback immediately.

Therefore, if your device was turned off or out of power, what will you do? You can also use Find My iPhone and trigger these actions. Once your iPhone is connected to a network, it will feedback the last location your iPhone had been and do activate the Lost Mode.

Report Your Stolen iPhone to Protect Your Data and Find Your Device

Reporting a lost iPhone is so important that you can shut down your stolen iPhone’s network which could protect your information, maybe get back it as soon as possible and get payment from AppleCare. Several things you need to know while you report your lost iPhone.

  1. File a report to a police station.
  2. Call your carrier or contact them online.
  3. Get AppleCare customer service.

Much more details you can get from How to Report iPhone Stolen to Police, Apple, and Carrier.

Recover Lost iPhone Data to Protect Your Privacy

Choose Recover from Backup

Choose Recover from Backup

If you can’t get your iPhone back anymore, try to get back your data. Erasing lost iPhone remotely is quite necessary before your privacy is revealed by the thief. Therefore, you’d better restore them to a safe place while you are trying to wipe them out. This part will introduce two ways to restore your data from your lost or stolen iPhone, the first one is getting your data from iTunes or iCloud backups.

Recover Data from iTunes backup

  • Run an iTunes on computer
  • Connect your new device with the computer
  • Recover your data

Recover Data from iCloud Backup

  • Prepare a new iPhone
  • Sign in your Apple ID
  • Retrieve your data from backup

If you have synced and backed up your data through iTunes or iCloud, you can get them back easily. However, there is a defect that you can not recover your data selectively and the data on your new iPhone will be overwritten.

The second way may help you retrieve the exact data you want that you can choose one third-party software. Read the following tips, get your data back now!

  • Install a recovery software on a computer
  • Connect your device to a computer(or not)
  • Scan your backups
  • Choose what you want to recover and recover them to your computer or new iPhone

Other Tips You May Need When You Lost Your iPhone

Some Other Tips When You Lost Your iPhone

Some Other Tips When You Lost Your iPhone

  1. You may change your pass-codes on every account, like Apple ID, Facebook, Twitter, Ins…Then, the one who got your iPhone won’t get into your accounts.
  2. Tell your family, friends, colleagues that your iPhone was stolen, and do not trust any messages from your iPhone.

All these measures introduced in this article won’t guarantee you get your iPhone back 100%. However, they are still worth a try. Good luck.


It’s very important to do something immediately which will help reduce the losses of a stolen iPhone. If you can’t get it back, you don’t have to be panic. You may consider how to reduce your loss and make sure your data is still safe and reliable. If you have any other advice, please share it in the comments.

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