5 Years of App Store - Get 10 iPhone iPad App & Games Free


Apple is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the App Store and giveaway 5 landmark games and 5 groundbreaking apps for a limited time.

Get 10 iPhone iPad App & Games Free

iOS owners are in for a treat this week, as Apple has kicked off the App store's 5th birthday celebrations with a series of discounts. iPhone and iPad owners can now pick up a large list of games and apps for their devices, without having to pay a penny.

Infinity Blade 2 is arguably the highlight - it's a stunning RPG running on Epic's Unreal engine. Other must-play titles include Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP and the incredibly popular Tiny Wings. They are all free for the duration of the birthday celebrations, but as Apple has yet to put up a landing page we'd suggest acting quickly in case they are a time limited deal.

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Of course, the promotion isn't just focused on games - you can pick up plenty of useful apps for free too. Highlights include Traktor DJ, a music mixing app that usually costs £14, Day One Journal and the Reeder RSS feed aggregator.

The Full Chart of Free Apps & Games

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