Introducing PhoneClean - One-tap to Clean Up iPhone iPad & iTouch


iMobie Inc. today introduced the first iPhone maintenance freeware (for Windows) on the market - PhoneClean. PhoneClean aims to free up space on iPhone, iPad, iTouch and keep all iOS devices running fast.

Introducing PhoneClean

iMobie Inc., a start-up company committed to iPhone, iPod, iPad software development, today announced its PhoneClean - the first and unique iPhone maintenance freeware made to free up space on iPhone and keep all iOS devices running fast without jailbreaking.

"PhoneClean is a free software to free up space of iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iPod touch. The freeware is a nice and simple utility to remove temporary and junk files from iPhone and other iOS devices." reviewed by iLoveFreeSoftware Editor.

"Over the last year, we have received a number of enquiries about 'what is the Other (storage space) on my iPhone iPad and how to clean them up'. To answer that, today we are proud of announcing our PhoneClean." said by Frank, the founder of iMobie Inc.

With the growth of the use of time, Apple iOS devices are used to, unknowingly, load up with a large number of long-term caches, temp and junk files generated by many Apps or resulted by iTunes failed syncs. Most of these files are useless and what is worse, they may devour memory resource and slow down the iPhone when launching Apps.

To bring up a simple and fast solution, iMobie takes the lead and introduced PhoneClean. Through detecting, analyzing and deleting cumbersome temp files, PhoneClean will generally reclaim up to 40% free space for users. And for average users, the regular inner cleanup will keep iOS devices running smoothly and away from out of disk.

PhoneClean Highlights:

#1 Every unfinished iTunes sync will create quite a number of junk media files. To average iPhone users, they cannot be either found or removed. So PhoneClean comes to help with one-tap solution.

#2 Worried about iPhone, iPad, iPod touch run out of disk? Now PhoneClean will make users iOS devices always have enough free space to carry more Apps, music, movies, photos and fun.

#3 By eliminating these cumbersome caches and temp files, PhoneClean will free up more memory resource when launching apps, browsing the web, as well as playing big games. So that iPhone can run faster and more smoothly.

PhoneTrans Pro Screenshot

Introducing PhoneClean

Introducing PhoneClean

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About iMobie, Inc.

iMobie Inc. was established at the end of 2011, and located in Tianfu Software Park (China), a place gathered great many talented software engineers. The brand name iMobie is from I'M Optimistic, Brainy, Independent & Efficient, which represents the main characters of their teammates. On the early stage of iMobie, they focus on developing iPhone, iPod, iPad Transfer and Explorer tools for backing up, sharing, and enriching iDevice users' media collection.

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