How to Make Your iPhone Run Faster


Is iPhone a self-cleaning device and always running fast? Absolutely no! So how to make your iPhone faster? This article will show you how to make your iPhone 3G/3Gs/4/4s/5/5s/5c/6(Plus) run faster.


Mar.18, 2015


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PhoneClean - #1 Freeware Made to Free Up Space on Your iPhone iPad

PhoneClean - Make Your iPhone iPad Run Faster

Give a try on this iOS cleaning tool to reclaim up to 40% -60% free space on your iPhone. Now read on this article on how to make your iPhone faster.

We take everything for granted when using iPhone because it does an incredibe job to keep itself neat and tidy. However, with the growth of the use of time, you may notice that it will get sluggish and slow.

Seriously, when some new iPhone users have this slow iPhone issue, they may wonder if the tardy emerged App is caused by stealing Wi-Fi network from a neighbor. Anyway, this How To Make iPhone Faster guide may be helpful whenever you feel your phone is jammed.

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Basic Methods to Make Your iPhone Run Faster

How to Speed Up iPhone


  • Delete large apps that take up a lot of space
  • Get rid of old photos videos and music
  • Remove old text message
  • Empty Safari's cache
  • Close all the background apps
  • Turn off auto app updates
  • Turn off automatic downloads
  • Disable Location Services
  • Restart your iPhone every once in a while
  • Reset your device completely

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If you also own an Apple Mac computer, it is quite necessary to know why it is getting slow and how to make it run faster.

In-depth solution to Make Your iPhone Faster

Lots of iPhone 3g/3Gs/4/4s/5/5s/5c users feel their device is painfully slow. Even they restore their phones but still cannot improve the iPhone performance. Apple iOS devices are used to load up with a large number of long-term junk files generated by Apps. And these useless junk files consumed too much memory resource when launching apps, browsing the web, or playing big games.

At this moment, you need an all-around iPhone Cleaner solution, like PhoneClean. Via detecting and removing unwanted junks, PhoneClean can free up space on iPhone so as to reclaim more memory source and make iPhone run faster. It supports removing various types of junk files from iPhone to make it faster, such as, app junks (iOS 8.2 and earlier) like caches/cookies/temp files, Internet junk files like Safari cookies, caches, histories, Webmail caches, Privacy data like messages and attachments, notes, contacts, call histories, etc. Start to download here >

How to Make Your iPhone 3G/3Gs/4/4s/5/5s/5c Run Faster

How to Make Your iPhone 3G/3Gs/4/4s/5/5s/5c Run Faster

Important Note: If your iPhone works slowly due to iOS 8 update, you should do more things to make your iPhone function well by reading this: What to Do After iOS 8 Updates. While if you just want to know how to make your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus run faster, you can read this article Top Tips to Maintain iPhone 6 (Plus).

The Bottom Line

PhoneClean is the very tool you need to clean up your iPhone and make it run faster. If this article is helpful for you, don't hesitate to share it with your friends. Why not take a tour with PhoneClean now?

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