7 Free Streaming Audio Recorders for Windows PC & Mac

Want to find a streaming audio recorder for capturing some interesting podcasts? Don’t know what free recorder is available for new starters? No worries, this post introduces 7 free sound recorders to record streaming audio with high quality. Find out an appropriate one and try it out!

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Modern life has been occupied with numerous live streaming, in both video and audio forms. Live sound can sometimes convey core information or meaningful moments, driving people to record streaming audio for subsequent use. In this case, a streaming audio recorder is necessary for capturing real-time sounds without missing any critical clips.

What is Audio Streaming?

Audio streaming is known as the act of sending audio content in real time over a network connection so that listeners can start listening right away. People may enjoy audio content such as podcasts and music without saving the files on their devices. You can stream audio live or on-demand.

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Can I Record Streaming Audio on My Computer?

Yes, streaming audio can be recorded by a sound recording tool. It records streaming music, radio, lectures and more directly online or through a computer program. The recorded audio is lossless and can be displayed at any time you want.

7 Free Streaming Audio Recorders for Windows & Mac

If you are searching for the best app that records streaming audio, you should check the following free list! Here are 7 popular streaming audio recorders available to use on both Windows and Mac.

1. Gemoo Recorder Lite – Free & Lossless

Gemoo Recorder Lite is a powerful recording tool that can be used to record both streaming video and audio in 4 modes. It’s totally free software with simple operations. Gemoo Recorder Lite shows friendliness to new starters who lack recording experience. With just easy operations, you will get the most satisfying streaming audio recording.

Key features of Gemoo Recorder Lite include:

  • Advanced audio settings ensure smooth steaming audio recording.
  • No time limit to your recordings.
  • Excellent streaming video recorder.
  • Record video and audio in 1080p HD/4K.
  • No watermark on the recorded video files.
  • Available on Windows & Mac.

Here’s how to record streaming audio with Gemoo Recorder Lite:

Step 1. Free download Gemoo Recorder Lite on your Windows PC or Mac and install.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 2. Choose Audio Only to record streaming audio.

Choose Audio Only in Gemoo Recorder Lite

Choose Audio Only in Gemoo Recorder Lite

Step 3. Check the audio recording settings. Choose microphone only, system audio only or both microphone and system audio.

Record Audio Settings Before Starting

Record Audio Settings Before Starting

Step 4. Start recording, and then open the recorded audio when it’s finished.

Start Recording Audio with Gemoo Recorder Lite

Start Recording Audio with Gemoo Recorder Lite

2. Free Sound Recorder

Free Sound Recorder is used for recording audio only on Windows and Mac. It supports capturing internal and external sounds. The export files can be set with multiple formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG. The full features of Free Sounder Recorder are shown as:

  • Record sounds with the microphone or system audio.
  • Schedule a recording for a selected source.
  • Available on Windows & Mac.
Free Sound Recorder

Free Sound Recorder

3. Audacity

Audacity is another free streaming audio recorder with relatively complicated operations. It’s popular among some people who are experienced in audio recording. Audacity can also edit streaming audio including podcasts, online radio or just memos. Unlike other streaming audio recorders, Audacity provides 2 types of downloading so that users can choose their preferred one according to their real needs. One is pure downloading for audio record only, the other requires the Muse Hub installer so that the downloaded package will be inserted with some effects and samples.

  • Record and edit audio.
  • Multiple output formats of the recordings.
  • Schedule audio capturing automatically.
  • Available on Windows & Mac.
Audacity Audio Recorder

Audacity Audio Recorder

4. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is open-source and free software for video recording and live streaming. It supports to use on Windows, Mac and Linux. Gamers prefer to use OBS for recording killing highlights. Some people also use it for streaming video recording. Check the full features of OBS Studio below:

  • Record streaming video and audio for free.
  • Master-class recorder with detailed settings.
  • Record audio files with high quality.
  • Available on Windows, Mac & Linux.
OBS Studio

OBS Studio

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5. Online Voice Recorder

Online Voice Recorder offers a service that records streaming audio on a web page directly. Without installing anything on Windows or Mac, this online audio recorder provides an easy-to-use way to capture the microphone on your computer. Online Voice Recorder is praised for:

  • Record audio in the browser without downloading.
  • Easy to start a recording.
  • Cut your recorded audio when finish the capturing.
  • Available for online use only.
Online Voice Recorder

Online Voice Recorder

After recording, you need to save the audio manually on your computer for personal use.

6. Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder is also an online tool for audio capturing. Unlike Online Voice Recorder, Apowersoft provides a choice of recording microphone, system sound or both before starting. The recorded audio can be shared, saved or uploaded when you finish recording online. More features are known as:

  • Record audio online for free.
  • Multiple audio formats.
  • Share and upload functions require registration on Apowersoft.
Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder

7. Chrome Audio Capture

Besides some online audio recorders, you can also try a Chrome extension for capturing streaming audio in real-time. Chrome Audio Capture offers a simple path to record audio of the current tab. Search the extension in Chrome and add it to your library, then you can quickly start capturing by pressing the red dot. The differences between Chrome Audio Capture and other streaming audio recorders are:

  • No software installation is required.
  • Record sound on a Chrome tab without bothering other tabs or programs.
  • 20-minute restrictions for each recording.
  • Record streaming audio in the browser only.
Chrome Audio Capture Extension

Chrome Audio Capture Extension

Comparison of the 7 Free Streaming Audio Recorders

Product Record Both Microphone & System Audio Record Time Limits Support Video Recording Easy to Use
Gemoo Recorder Lite No Limits
Free Sound Recorder No Limits ×
Audacity No Limits × Professional Recording Experience Required
OBS Studio No Limits Professional Recording Experience Required
Online Voice Recorder No Limits ×
Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder No Limits ×
Chrome Audio Capture Only System Sound 20 Minutes at Most ×

FAQs About Streaming Audio Recorders

1. What is the best way to record audio from the Internet?

Recording with Gemoo Recorder Lite is the best way to record audio from the Internet. It will record both microphone audio and system sound so that you won’t miss out any essential clips. More importantly, Gemoo Recorder Lite is totally free and the operation steps are as easy as 123.

2. How can I record internal audio for free?

In your streaming audio recorder, choose system audio for capturing and you can record internal audio for free. Actually, you can choose both system audio and microphone sound to record internal and external audio for free.

3. How can I record lossless streaming audio?

To ensure the recorded streaming audio quality, you’d better prepare a quiet recording environment. Choose a room with minimal echo, and open the streaming resource you want to record only without being bothered by other programs.

The Bottom Line

Having introduced 7 streaming audio recorders for Windows, Mac or web-based, you can choose the most suitable one and start recording. Actually, Gemoo Recorder Lite is strongly recommended for its easy setup, free-to-use, and lossless sound quality. Download Gemoo Recorder Lite and get a reliable recording of the streaming audio!

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe


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