How to Transfer Music from CD to iPhone


How to get songs from a CD to your iPhone? Actually, you can rip music from CD to Mac/PC and then transfer them to your iPhone. And this post tells you the details.


Dec. 25, 2015


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Transfer Music from CD to iPhone

Transfer Music from CD to iPhone

As one of music lovers, you may have collected so many CDs. While some of the songs in the CDs you may don’t like any more, there are also some items you love so much. And in this post, we tell you the method to get your favorite songs from CD to iPhone so that you can enjoy them anywhere anytime.

To download an audio CD to iPhone, you have to rip/import songs from CD to a computer and then transfer them to you iPhone. So below we make this tutorial into two parts and give you some tools you can use to easily get CD songs to your iPhone.

Part 1. How to Import or Rip Songs from CD to Computer

This is the first step of getting songs off CD to your iPhone. And there are two tools you can use to import songs from a CD to your computer: iTunes and Windows Media Player. If you are using Mac computer, iTunes will be the best choice to import CD music to your computer. If it is a Windows PC, all of these two apps enable you to rip songs from CD to your PC, but if you are plan to use iTunes, you need download iTunes first and install it.

To import songs from CD to iTunes:

You can refer to our previous guide: How to Import CD to iTunes

To rip music from CD with Window Media Player:

Windows officially gives you the guide to copy song from audio CDs to windows computer, and below are the steps to make it.

  • Connect to the Internet on your PC.
  • Insert an audio CD into the CD drive.
  • You can select a different format or bit rate for the files copied to your computer, in the Player library > Rip Settings > Format > Audio Quality.
  • You can skip ripping some songs you don’t like by unchecking them.
  • Click Rip CD in Now Playing mode or in the Player Library to start your ripping.

Part 2. Transfer CD Songs from Computer to iPhone

After ripping songs from CD to your Mac or PC, now you can easily get them to your iPhone by using sync tool iTunes or iPhone transfer tool AnyTrans. These tools are different in getting music to your iOS device. iTunes will erase all songs on your iPhone before transferring songs to your device and make you have the same songs on both of iTunes and iPhone. AnyTrans is a little different because it won’t erase anything on your iOS device.

To transfer music from computer to iPhone:

The Bottom Line

This post is also available for transferring CD to iPad or iPod. Of course, you may have some better ideas about how to rip music from CD to iPhone, just share them on the comment section below. Thanks for your viewing and have a nice day!

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