How to Backup WhatsApp on iPhone without iCloud

Many users may want to perform WhatsApp backup on iPhone without iCloud. Luckily, in this article, you’ll not only to know why people do not want to back up WhatsApp via iCloud, but also you can find 3 ways to back up WhatsApp on iPhone without iCloud.

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AnyTrans – WhatsApp Backup on iPhone

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Even if using iCloud to back up WhatsApp is the easy way out. But generally speaking, this doesn’t work. Firstly, WhatsApp backups are usually larger than iCloud’s free storage space (5GB) and secondly, WhatsApp data can get stuck or fail when backing up because there is so much of it, so if you don’t notice this, then you may lose your data!

So people keep looking for solutions to back up their WhatsApp data without iCloud. And that’s precisely what we’ll be covering here.

In this brief guide, we’ll show you three different and foolproof methods to back up WhatsApp on iPhone without iCloud.

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Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Method 1. Back Up WhatsApp on iPhone without iCloud Easily

The first method in our guide is to use the special software AnyTrans. Not only can you back up WhatsApp without iCloud at any time, but you can also easily view the files in your backup afterwards. This is something you can’t do with iCloud or iTunes backups.

Let’s first have a brief overview of AnyTrans, and then we’ll move on to the stepwise guide for creating a WhatsApp backup.

AnyTrans – Backup WhatsApp Easily

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Now that you know the might of AnyTrans, here is a step-by-step guide to back up WhatsApp on iPhone without iCloud using AnyTrans.

Steps to Backup WhatsApp Using AnyTrans

AnyTranse, so far, is the most proven method of backing up your whatsapp data. Let us guide you through the whole process of backing up your WhatsApp step by step.

Step 1. Download AnyTrans on your computer (PC/Mac) > Connect your iPhone via USB cable.

Step 2. Click on the Social Messages Manager, choose Back Up WhatsApp and click Back Up Now.

Backup WhatsApp on iPhone

Backup WhatsApp on iPhone

Step 3. Next, you can choose to turn on Enable Backup Encryption and set a password. Or click Next directly to start backing up.

Start Backup Process

Start Backup Process

Step 4. Wait for the backup process to finish, you will get the completed page below. Click the View button to check on your computer.

WhatsApp Backup Completed

WhatsApp Backup Completed

But some people still don’t want to use a third-party managing tool.

So, Is there another way to back up WhatsApp on iPhone? Excluding iCloud, of course.

Yes, there is.

Now we’ll show you how to use the renowned iTunes to Backup WhatsApp data.

Method 2. How to Back Up WhatsApp on iPhone with iTunes

iTunes is a software that is mainly used as a media player & media library by iOS users. But it also has management utility. You can back up your iOS device using it and update or restore its software in case of some issues.

Here are the detailed steps which you can follow to back up WhatsApp using iTunes.

Steps to Backup WhatsApp with iTunes

Step 1. First, install the latest version of iTunes on your computer and then connect your iPhone to it.

Step 2. Now launch iTunes. When it detects your device, you’ll see a small iPhone icon on the top bar of the screen. Click on this icon to view the details.

Step 3. From the “Backups” category, you can create a backup of your device. But first, select the backup path to your computer and check the “Encrypt iPhone backup” checkbox to protect your backup with a password.

Step 5. And then click the “Back Up Now” button. That button will take care of everything, and all you must do is ensure you are not disconnecting your iPhone at any point in this process.


Backup WhatsApp via iTunes

Backup WhatsApp via iTunes

Although using iTunes is convenient for creating a WhatsApp backup, it has some serious flaws. Let’s have a look at them.


  • The first and biggest flaw is that you cannot create a WhatsApp backup separately. iTunes backups the whole device, which makes the process lengthy and complicated.
  • The backup is created in such a format that it is incompatible with any Android device.

So considering the disadvantages, here’s another method to back up WhatsApp on iPhone without iCloud.

Method 3. How to Backup WhatsApp iPhone via Email

The next method to back up WhatsApp chats is to backup them up via email. WhatsApp provides a function to back up separate chats in the form of a .txt document for messages and a .zip file for media. And you can share these files on an email account to save them for later use.

Let’s see the steps for this process.

Steps to Backup WhatsApp Data with Email

Step 1. Launch WhatsApp messenger on your iPhone and choose the chat you want to save.

Step 2. Click on the chat icon at the top of the interface to open the settings.

Step 3. Now scroll down and click on “Export Chat.”

Step 4. You can also choose to attach media with your chat messages. After you have selected that, look for Gmail from the apps and click on it.

Step 5. Now, just add a Gmail account where you want to share the backup. Once done, hit the send icon, and the backup of your WhatsApp chat will be sent to the selected email account.

Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android Via Email

Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android Via Email

But remember that, just like the iTunes method, sharing WhatsApp backup via email also has drawbacks. Let’s look at them.


  • Although sharing via email is simple, you have to share every single chat, both individual chats and group chats, separately to make the WhatsApp backup. But if you can handle this long and hectic process, do go for it.

Before we end our guide, let’s answer some frequently asked questions.


Can I back up WhatsApp on my iPhone to Google Drive?

Yes, you can back up WhatsApp on your iPhone to Google Drive. But since iPhone has its own cloud storage account, which is iCloud, you have to make a detour to save WhatsApp data on google Drive. First, transfer all your WhatsApp data to an Android device and then make a backup of it on Google Drive.

How can I transfer WhatsApp chat history without iCloud?

Yes, you can transfer WhatsApp chat history without iCloud. Use any of the methods discussed in this article to make a WhatsApp backup. And then, you can restore the backup on your new phone.

But if you want a shorter and easier process, then just use the all-in-one managing tool, AnyTrans, to directly transfer your WhatsApp chat history from one device to another.

Final Word

The use of WhatsApp Messenger has increased so much that one cannot even imagine losing all the precious WhatsApp messages and media.

iPhone users mostly know how to back up WhatsApp data on an iCloud account. But in this guide, we’ve shown you three different methods to back up WhatsApp on iPhone without iCloud.

And out of these three, using AnyTrans is the most secure with the maximum benefits.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

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