Where Are Contacts Stored on Android

If you are curious about Where your contacts are stored on Android, we’ll show you how to find out the Android contacts in this article. As a result, you can effortlessly manage phone contacts or recover contacts whenever needed.

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Unlike iPhone users, Android users must store their contacts in a slightly different manner, but it is not difficult. Android phones allow you to securely and safely store phone data and your contact lists on your Android devices. For example, you can choose to store your contacts on Google Cloud, internal storage, or your SIM card, etc. for a backup. So, you can even restore your contact list in case of an emergency or if you have lost or broken your Android phone.

However, where are contacts stored in internal storage? How can you export contacts backup? So, in the forthcoming parts of this article, we will be discussing where are contacts stored on Android devices, and how to export contacts from Android phones.

How to Export Contacts on Android

Android provides internal storage for you to put data into it, which is always available on all devices. If you are searching for your contact list in the internal storage of your Android device, but can’t find the exact location unless your Android device is rooted. Do not worry at all.

All the stored contacts save in a specific location and you can easily find them by entering that location like you find your valuable pictures in your phone’s gallery. In order to see your contact list in the internal storage of your Android device, you just need to enter: /data/data/com.Android.providers.contacts/databases/contacts.DB.

Additionally, all the stored contact are not saved with the VCF file format but you can find them as SQLite 3 files, that are not at all easy to open. To open this specific file format, you need a program such as SQLiteman and DB Browser.

Where are Contacts Stored in Internal Storage

Where are Contacts Stored in Internal Storage

Where are Contacts Stored in SIM Card

Speaking about storing your Android contacts on a SIM card, there are a lot of people who have this confusion if they can store and find their contact on the SIM card or not. But it is quite feasible and the most effective way to secure all your contacts.

By following the further steps, you will be able to access and manage your contacts on your SIM card conveniently:

  1. Go to the “Apps” section of your Android phone’s main screen followed by clicking on the “Contacts” tab.
  2. Then, you are required to click on the 3-dots which are situated in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select your contacts list by clicking “Import/Export > Export to SIM card” and then “Select All.”
  4. Then, in the appeared dialogue box, click “Done” and then “OK”. As a result, all of your Android contacts will be stored on your SIM card.
Export Contacts to SIM Card

Export Contacts to SIM Card

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Where are my Android Contacts Stored in Google

In the present era, almost everyone relies on the internet, and in order to secure their database, they need cloud storage. Storing your Android contact in Google cloud storage is quite easy and convenient. And it’s not just about your contacts, but you can synchronize almost every data information in Google cloud storage.

Like every user, you also have 15 GB of cloud storage to access from Google and you can store your contact there. In order to find your valuable contact list and to manage it as well, you are required to follow the instructions mentioned further:

  1. First, you need to go to “Settings” and then select “Accounts and backup” > “Backup and restore.”
  2. Then, turn on the “Back up my data” as a next step.
  3. In addition, to log into your Google account, select the “Backup account” option.
  4. As the last step, you can only turn on the “Contacts” icon if you click your account. Then it will sync up your contact details to the Google cloud storage on its own.
Sync Android Contacts with Google

Sync Android Contacts with Google

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How to Export Contacts on Android

Apart from any features available in your phone, phone contacts are the most crucial thing in your Android phone. It would be very difficult for you if you lose your contact list. In order to secure your contacts, you are required to manage and export them in the following ways:

Export Contacts from Android to Computer

Whether you want to export your contacts to vcf, html or other formats, DroidKit always can be the right choice. Not only that, you can choose any path you want to save your contacts in, depending on your needs.

Besides data manager, it is a complete Android solution that provides you with data recovery and data extractor tool. You can recover deleted contacts, extract contacts from your Google account, transfer contacts from a broken phone to computer, etc.

DroidKit – How to Transfer Contacts Android to PC

  • Transfer contacts from phone to computer wholly or selectively.
  • No need to connect WiFi or enable Bluetooth.
  • Also, recover contacts from a broken phone and Google to computer.
  • Windows PC and Mac are supported.

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download* 100% Clean & Safe

Now, just follow the steps below to learn how to transfer contacts from android to laptop/computer:

Step 1. Once you installed DroidKit, open it and choose Device Manager under Data Manager.

Choose the Device Manager

Choose the Device Manager

Step 2. Connect your phone with USB > Choose Contacts data type.

Step 3. Preview all of your contacts and select them > Click the To PC button.

Choose Data You Want to Transfer

Choose Data You Want to Transfer

Step 4. For the first time transferring data to a PC, you need to confirm the formats and paths.

Step 5. Wait for the transferring process to be finished, you will get the Transfer Complete page. You can click View Files to check them on your computer.

Data Transferred Successfully

Data Transferred Successfully

Export from Contacts’ App

If you are a Samsung Galaxy user, you can export and manage your contact list easily. To manage your contact list on your Samsung Galaxy phone, you can follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Main Screen and select Contacts to copy your contacts from the SIM card.
  2. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu by pressing the Menu or MORE button.
  3. Choose “Contact” and then “Select Import/Export contacts” before selecting “SIM card/Internal Storage“.

Export from Google

The most convenient method for exporting and managing your contact list on your Samsung Galaxy phone is to use the Google cloud. You simply need to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your Samsung Galaxy phone.
  2. Tap Google, then “Settings for Google applications,” followed by “Google Contacts sync.”
  3. After that, sync device contacts, and then “Automatically back up & sync” device contacts.
  4. As the last step- “Automatically back up and sync” device contacts should be enabled.

The Bottom Line

Android phones are the most popular in the current market, and a contact list is an essential component of each phone, and you must keep your contacts if you do not want to lose them. To protect contacts, you can use DroidKit to save them to computer. What’s more, even if your contact information is accidentally lost, DroidKit can help you get it back in time.

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