Best SIM Card Recovery Software for Android

Have you accidentally deleted all the saved data from your SIM card and now hunting for SIM card data recovery for Android? Fortunately, you can recover all the lost data from your SIM card flawlessly with top SIM card recovery softwares complied here in the list!

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SIM card performs excellently when it comes to storing a large number of contacts and messages on your Android devices. Generally speaking, all the text messages and contacts on an Android phone are stored in the SIM card memory. But there are times when your SIM card is damaged or suffering SIM card errors, or you accidentally delete all the data from your SIM card. Such a situation immediately calls for the need for SIM card data recovery for Android.

Here in this guide, we have gathered a list of the top 5 SIM card recovery software for Android that will enable you to recover all your lost contacts, text messages, and many more files quickly. But before moving forward, let’s have a look at the type of information that people usually store on SIM cards.

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What Informations are Stored on a SIM Card?

SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. It is a kind of a tiny card that consists of all the information that cellular telephone subscribers require. Whenever you connect your Android phone to a secure data network, the SIM card will immediately submit your identity information to the network provider to make a connection.

In addition to the network authorization data, some of your private data is also stored in a SIM card that involves text messages and contacts. The data that can be stored in a SIM card is selectable, and it entirely depends upon you and your phone carrier. As you can save contacts and messages on your SIM card, you can therefore use a SIM card to transfer contacts and text messages from Android to Android.

If we talk about the storage capacity, then the SIM card comes in the range of 8KB storage capacity to 246KB storage capacity. The number of contacts and text messages that you can store on a SIM card depends on its storage capacity.

Top 5 SIM Card Data Recovery Software for Android

Here’s the list of the top 5 SIM Card Data Recovery Software for Android!

1. DroidKit – SIM Card Recovery

The first and foremost software for SIM card data recovery for Android is DroidKit, which is a complete Android solution to recover lost data and revive your phone from a locked or crashed status. With DroidKit, you can easily access SIM data and recover contacts with numbers/email/addresses. All SIM cards & all Android models are supported.

You just need to connect your device with the SIM card, and you can recover without reader. After scanning, you can preview SIM card data and choose to get info from SIM card to computer (Windows and Mac supported) or to your phone. What’s more, as a complete Android solution, you can also use DroidKit as formatted SD card data recovery software.

Extract SIM Card Data

Extract SIM Card Data


  • Recover SIM card data without a reader.
  • Retrieve deleted SIM contacts on Android with numbers/email/addresses.
  • Transfer data from SIM card to phone & Get info from SIM card to computer.
  • Extract photos, videos, audio, messages, books, etc. from a broken Samsung phone.
  • Extract photos, contacts, messages, wifi passwords, WhatsApp data from Google account.
  • Besides, you can scan your device directly and recover data with Quick Recover and no root, with Deep Recover and no backup.
  • What’s more, you can unlock a locked Android phone and Samsung FRP lock if needed.

To Recover Contacts from SIM Card on Android:

Step 1. Get the latest version of DroidKit on your Windows or Mac computer > Launch the software and click Extract Needed Data From SIM Card.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 2. Connect your device with SIM card > Head to Start button as below. Please confirm the USB debugging mode is enabled on your device and select the MTP/PTP mode on your device.

Connect Broken Phone and Start

Connect Broken Phone and Start

Step 3. Wait for the scanning process to finish and preview the data scanned out from SIM card as below (SIM card number, email, name are included). Then select and transfer SIM card data to your device or computer.

Preview and Choose which Contact to Recover

Preview and Choose which Contact to Recover

2. Samsung Data Recovery

When we mentioned Samsung Data Recovery Software, many of us might get confused by its name and think of this tool as only Samsung mobile compatible, but this is not true. This excellent SIM card recovery software is compatible with a handful of mobile device options. It is a highly satisfying SIM card data recovery tool that can scan the deleted data from your SIM card on the PC. Once the entire scanning process gets completed, you can easily select the data and files you wish to recover. Additionally, the Samsung Data Recovery software performs several other functions that can easily be known by getting an insight into its feature list!

SIM Card Data Recovery for Android - Samsung Data Recovery

SIM Card Data Recovery for Android – Samsung Data Recovery


  • Recover deleted files from SIM cards like text messages and contacts.
  • Retrieve lost media files from SD cards like videos, music, images, and other documents.
  • Scanning can be done in 2 modes, namely Quick Scan and Deep Scan.
  • Support to backup and restore Android data on a computer with few simple steps.
  • View the deleted data on your PC and select the data that you want to recover.

3. SIM Card Recover and Manager

Another SIM card data recovery tool for Android phones is SIM Card Recover and Manager. The SIM Card Recover and Manager application is a valuable tool that helps in recovering the SIM card data within a couple of minutes. With this tool installed, you can no longer worry about losing your data because it works flawlessly when it comes to restoring the deleted data on your SIM card. Not only this, but you can even add, delete and search contacts with this amazing SIM card recovery application. In just three simple steps, the SIM Card Recover and Manager will allow you to retrieve deleted contacts from your SIM card.

SIM Card Recover and Manager

SIM Card Recover and Manager


  • Recover deleted contacts.
  • SIM card reader.
  • Import and export contacts from and to SD card for backup.
  • View SIM card info like SIM Card Serial, Phone number, Network state, and more.
  • View all contacts stored on a SIM Card.

4. Data Doctor Recovery

If you are looking for software that can help you recover lost data from GSM SIM cards, then Data Doctor Recovery is the right tool for you! This SIM card data recovery software features reading any sort of GSM/3G SIM card of any mobile network. The Data Doctor Recovery software can easily retrieve all the deleted contacts and text messages and be utilized for mobile phone surveillance. This software is pretty easy to download and use, and you can quickly recover the lost data from your Sim card within few minutes.

SIM Card Data Recovery for Android - Data Doctor Recovery

SIM Card Data Recovery for Android – Data Doctor Recovery


  • Recover SMS from SIM card.
  • Create backup files from SIM cards.
  • Fetch the data of the SIM scrupulously.
  • User-friendly GUI.
  • SIM card data salvage utility.
  • Displays the name of the mobile service provider.

5. Free

Last but not least, the final SIM card data recovery for Android software is from Free It is an excellent high utility tool that is used by users worldwide. The SIM Card Recovery Software from Free Recovery.Org is the first choice of everyone when it comes to professional SIM card recovery software. This software has unique and robust features that are sufficient to recover all the lost data from your SIM card on an Android device. Not only this but SIM Card Recovery Software from Free Recovery.Org can also retrieve the lost text messages and contacts from the SIM cards that are damaged and have corrupted internal firmware.

SIM Card Data Recovery for Android -

SIM Card Data Recovery for Android –


  • It can read GSM/3G SIM of any country any network.
  • Complete help file section with GUI facility.
  • Offers full backup of your Android device’s erased SIM card memory.
  • Recover from logically corrupted SIM card.
  • Recover from worm or virus affected Android phone SIM card.

It’s Time to Choose the Best!!

These are professional softwares when it comes to SIM card data recovery Android! With the 5 options above, you might be confused regarding which one is the best. So, here’s an answer!

As per our observation, SIM Card Recovery Software from DroidKit is the perfect and ideal tool when a situation calls for the need of SIM card data recovery. No matter whether you have a damaged SIM card or a formatted SIM card, this tool will work wonders to retrieve all your lost data from your SIM card on an Android device.

SIM Card Recovery Software from DroidKit is the perfect answer to all the questions below!

1) What data types can be recovered?

Any kind of data stored in your SIM card, including contacts, text messages, and recent call logs, can easily be recovered by this software.

 2) Can the dead/formatted SIM card be recovered?

Yes!! With SIM Card Recovery Software from DroidKit, you can undoubtedly recover the lost or deleted data from damaged or formatted SIM cards.

 3) How can the data be recovered from a SIM card, just read, or extracted?

The SIM Card Recovery Software from DroidKit firstly scans the SIM card, reads the data, and finally creates a backup file from which you can easily extract the data for future use.

How Do I Restore my Phone from SIM Card?

As we mentioned above, there’re 5 SIM card recovery apps that you can use to extract SIM card data on Android. Besides, you can restore your phone from Google on Android, which includes SIM card contacts. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  2. Find Google and click Set up & restore.
  3. Choose Restore contacts. (Confirm the Google account that you want to restore)
  4. Tap Restore, which includes contacts from SIM card and device storage. Also, you can choose to not restore from any one of them.
  5. Wait for the Contacts restored page.

Can Android Data Be Recovered?

Absolutely YES! Except for the above SIM card recovery softwares to retrieve deleted SIM contacts, you can get more than one recovery tool to retrieve Android data. Or, if you don’t have a computer by your side, you can recover deleted files on Android without a computer. What’s more, there still are some methods to recover data from a dead phone.

The Bottom Line

This was all about the best SIM card data recovery software Android. The data within your SIM card is not essentially lost by just being deleted, and the softwares mentioned above makes it pretty possible for you to retrieve the deleted data that involves text messages, contacts, recent call logs, etc. No matter which software you opt for, it will for sure offer you great results when it comes to SIM card data recovery for Android. But if you ask us, then SIM Card Recovery Software from DroidKit is the best software that offers unique features and outperforms the other three softwares mentioned above.

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