How to Get Rid of Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad

If your iPhone or iPad shows an activation lock, that means your device is locked to a particular Apple ID and you need to unlock it first to then use it. Here we show how to turn off activation lock on an iOS-based device and start using the device.

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If you have ever purchased a second-hand smartphone like an iPhone or iPad, you might have come across a lock called activation lock. For as long as this lock message appears on your device, you cannot use the device. You need to first enter the correct login details on that device to then unlock and use it. If you have a phone that shows the activation lock message, there are various ways to get rid of activation lock on your iPhone.

Getting rid of activation lock is fairly easy provided you have the correct Apple logins with you. If you do not, you will need to go a different path and find the correct tool that can help you remove the Apple ID from your device. This guide covers methods for both the scenarios so that you can easily and quickly disable the Find My activation lock on your iPhone or iPad.

What Is Activation Lock

Activation Lock is a kind of lock that protects the data stored on your device when your device is stolen or lost. When someone finds the device and they start to use it, the device will show an activation lock message. This message usually appears after the user has erased the device and they try to set the device up with a new user account.

Activation Lock on iPhone

Activation Lock on iPhone

This way the user will not be able to use your iPhone or iPad even if they have access to it and they have successfully erased it. Your device will prompt for your original Apple ID logins and only then will it get unlocked.

In most cases, it is only the original user who has the Apple ID logins for their devices so both your data and device are safe even when they are lost or stolen.

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If you want to turn off the activation lock on your iOS devices, then it is pretty easy to do that. All you need to do is use one of the following methods and the lock will be removed from your device.

Use Your iPhone/iPad Passcode

Starting with iOS 11, Apple added the ability to disable the activation lock on your iPhone or iPad by simply using your device’s passcode. In order for this to work, you must have two-factor authentication enabled for your user account.

Follow the following steps to get rid of the activation lock on your iPhone and iPad.

Step 1. On your device, tap on the Unlock with Passcode option.

Step 2. On the following screen, tap on the Use Device Passcode option and enter the passcode. This will remove the activation lock from your phone.

Contact the Original Owner to Remove the Lock

The other way is to ask the original owner of the phone to remove the lock. They need to do the following.

Step 1. Go to the iCloud website and log-in with the iPhone’s Apple ID.

Step 2. Click on Find iPhone on the following screen.

Use Find iPhone on the

Use Find iPhone on the

Step 3. Click on All Devices at the top and choose your iPhone.

Access iPhone on

Access iPhone on

Step 4. Select the Erase iPhone option and then click on Remove from Account.

Erase iPhone from iCloud

Erase iPhone from iCloud

A Third-Party Tool Would Help to Turn off Activation Lock

AnyUnlock – iCloud Activation Unlocker is born to help you get away from the activation lock on iPhone even you can’t recall the Apple ID and its passwords. It’s not just an iCloud activation lock remover, it can also –

  • Help you get into the device and use App Store & iTunes Store with a new Apple ID.
  • Enable to get back the Apple ID you forgot.
  • Help you to check if Activation Lock is turned before buying a second-hand device.
  • Supports iOS 12.3 and laterMac OS X 10.11 – macOS 10.15.

You can just give it a try as it was approved to be effective and also labor-saving.

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Choose Bypass iCloud Activation Lock and Start

Choose Bypass iCloud Activation Lock and Start


If your iPhone or iPad shows an activation lock screen, you can get rid of that lock by following the methods in the above guide. Your device will then be unlocked and you will be able to link it to your own Apple account.

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