Recover Screen Time and Restrictions Passcode

The Screen Time Passcode is a great idea for you to prevent unauthorized operations on your iPhone, or to limit Screen Time on a child's device. Now, you can feel at ease if you forgot the passcode. PhoneRescue can easily get back and then clearly show you the lost Restrictions or Screen Time Passcode.

Get Back Your Forgotten Screen Time Passcode

PhoneRescue comes all the way to bring the forgotten Restrictions Passcode back to you safely, even you have no backup before. Equipped with NO-DATA-LOSS technology, PhoneRescue assures that you can directly recover your passcode without losing existing data. Better yet, the whole process is safe and encrypted due to you are the only one to access the passcode. (Note: Screen Time Passcode can only be recovered on iOS 12 or earlier device.)

Remove Your Restrictions Passcode on Any iOS Devices

It is easy to forget Screen Time Passcode if you haven't used the feature for a long time. Or, maybe you totally forget whether you have set the password or not. Never mind! Now, with PhoneRescue, you can easily remove the passcode on any iOS devices, even those running in iOS 14. You will soon get back the control of your iOS device and any apps after a few taps.

Save Your Lost Data in Various Common Scenarios

  • Passcode Never-Set

  • Forgot Passcode

  • No iPhone Backup

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