Innovative Features Only Available in PhoneRescue

PhoneRescue is the pioneer in developing and applying innovative, diverse, and cutting-edge technologies. With all the next-generation features, it guarantees the best-ever data recovery result that ONLY PhoneRescue can achieve.

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The First Solution for iOS 16 and macOS Ventura

As the industry leader, PhoneRescue always reacts at the first moment to get ready for the latest software and hardware environments. Surpassing all rivals, this is the FIRST data recovery software on the market that supports the latest iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura. It's our primary mission to get all of you well covered in advance.

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Save Your Treasures from Damaged iTunes Backups

Failed to recover data from your damaged iTunes backup? PhoneRescue is here to save you. It adopts the innovative ForceRestore technology to build a unique access to corrupt or inaccessible backups, let you preview and select your wanted data or files, and flawlessly recover whatever you desire. Even for the backups that you failed to restore from with other solutions, PhoneRescue can still guarantee you a successful data recovery from it, as you want.

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Restore Data from iCloud Like Never Before

PhoneRescue brings revolution to every aspect of data recovery field, including iCloud. It reformed the general techniques and invented the most advanced technologies to restore from iCloud backups. First time ever, you can download and recover your wanted data only, instead of the whole iCloud backup, saving a large amount of your precious time.

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No. 1 Working Speed with No. 1 Success Rate

A faster workflow gives a higher chance of recovery. PhoneRescue knows that well, and innovatively created the Thunder-Extraction technology to boost the working speed to world's No. 1. You're now assured with the highest chance ever to get back your lost-but-valued data before they are overwritten and gone forever.

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The Most Competent Saver for Kik and Viber

In addition to WhatsApp and Line, PhoneRescue now recovers data for Kik and Viber users. With the newest inventions, it works as the most complete solution to save all the lost chatting records as well as attachments for the 4 instant messaging apps. Just feel free to bring back all your valuable messages with PhoneRescue. (Support for Viber is coming soon...)

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Go get PhoneRescue®

PhoneRescue retrieves all your cherished iOS data with the highest success rate in the world, making sure you never lose a single byte ever since.

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