The State-of-the-Art Technologies in PhoneRescue

PhoneRescue creates and uses diverse second-to-none technologies throughout the whole data recovery process, from scanning, analyzing, previewing, even to retrieving. All the breakthroughs are made to ensure you get the most secure, complete, easiest and fastest data recovery.

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NO-DATA-LOSS Technology Assures The Max Success Rate

NO-DATA-LOSS technology starts multiple processes to simultaneously scan all data and files of the iOS device, and utilizes intelligent multi-match algorithms to precisely address all lost data. This assures you the fastest and most complete scanning ever. To further accelerate the whole process, it makes full use of the high-speed CPU to accomplish the complex calculation with a minimum duration of just 5 seconds.

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ForceRestore Saves Data from Inaccessible Backups

ForceRestore technology can not only fix corrupted backups, but also create the fundamental files required for a successful restore. That makes sure you're able to restore whatever you want from any corrupted, encrypted or inaccessible backups. More intelligently, ForceRestore filters out all redundant and unnecessary files automatically to make the whole restore process faster and more stable.

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Accurate Data Recovery with SmartCompare and SharpMatch

Finding the lost file you need from thousands is a tough work, and that's exactly what SmartCompare is designed for. It locates what you lost from gigabytes of data in seconds, and smartly compares it with the existing content on iPhone, making sure to present you the most complete and accurate lost data.

Another advanced technology used is SharpMatch, which intelligently displays lost data in their original formats. It's not as easy as it looks, since data are intricately stored as numbers, text, audio files, images, and more types in iPhone with different languages, like English, Japanese, German, etc. SharpMatch analyzes the lost data and accurately recognizes their formats and languages. This helps to fully meet various data recovery demands of users from different countries speaking different languages.

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Thunder-Extraction Guarantees Risk-Free Data Recovery

Ordinary data recovery techniques work with the risk of overwriting existing data in iOS device, which could never be recovered. Now, Thunder-Extraction technology of PhoneRescue avoids the risk in the first place. It creates 2 separate data channels for simultaneous processing, one Read-Only and the other Write-Only, boosting the data recovery twice as fast as common techniques. Not just faster, Thunder-Extraction is safer as well. Working with 2 data channels, it's able to create new files to store recovered data, with zero risk of overwriting current content.

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SecureLOGIN with The Strongest Encryption

Keeping your privacy secure is our top priority. Therefore, PhoneRescue is designed with SecureLOGIN technology to protect your iCloud account and content. Using the strongest 256-bit SSL encryption, PhoneRescue makes sure all your data and personal information are secured. As highly reputed software, it never retains or leaks your Apple ID or password, neither any iCloud content. Your privacy is always confidential.

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What is 256-bit SSL Encryption?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the industry-standard security technology to encrypt all transmitted data. An SSL connection using an AES 256-bit cipher key for encryption/decryption is 256-bit SSL. This is the maximal level of encryption so far and is nearly impossible to decipher. It's the standard encryption for all banks to safeguard the privacy and security of customers. PhoneRescue adopts 256-bit SSL encryption as well to give you the unbreakable protection.

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PhoneRescue retrieves all your cherished iOS data with the highest success rate in the world, making sure you never lose a single byte ever since.

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