Securely Grab Your Valuables from iCloud

iCloud automatically backs up your iPhone and iPad information daily, even without your awareness. That makes sure your iCloud backup always stores your latest data and files. So, if you failed to recover wanted data from your device or iTunes backups, just give your iCloud backup a try. You’ll have a great chance to find it here.

Why You Need PhoneRescue to Restore from iCloud Backup?

Most of the files stored in iCloud backup can't be accessed until the whole backup is restored to your iPhone. But this will erase all existing data and you may thus lose something valuable, which can never be recovered. That’s why PhoneRescue comes. It enables you to preview every piece of data in your iCloud backup, pick up what you want, and then restore selected items to iPhone or iPad, without overwriting anything.

Always Get Back What’s Important to You

PhoneRescue allows you to browse through literally everything existing in your iCloud backup. From photos, messages, contacts, videos, to Safari data or app data, you can extract any one of them to your computer, or directly to iPhone or iPad. As long as your iCloud backup contains it, PhoneRescue is sure to take out whatever you valued.

100% Secure and Confidential Guarantee

The best data recovery solution must also be the most private. So PhoneRescue works with the strongest 256-bit SSL encryption to protect all your data as well as your personal information. It never retains your Apple ID or password, neither any data in your iCloud. The whole data searching and recovery process remains read-only. You are guaranteed to be the only one who is able to access your iCloud data.

Save Your Lost Data in Various Common Scenarios

  • Lost Device

  • Damaged Device

  • No iTunes Backup

  • Virus Infection

  • Factory Reset

  • iOS Update Failure

  • Jailbreak

  • iOS System Crash

Retrieve All Your iOS & Android Data, Never Lose A Single Byte Ever Since

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All-around iOS & Android Data Recovery Solution

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