Complete Recovery of Your Favorite App Data

Each App has unique technologies to store data, thus requires customized solutions for a successful and complete data recovery. Now, PhoneRescue is designed with specially tailored techniques for each app to ensure you get back all lost data. It fully works for WhatsApp, LINE, and Kik currently, and will keep getting more apps covered.

Your Missing Chats Can Always Be Saved Effortlessly

Whether your important chats are mistakenly deleted or get lost for unknown reasons, PhoneRescue can always bring them back to you. It finds out all missing chats, and you are then able to preview each one of them. With just a couple of plain clicks, you can select and restore whichever you want.

Get Back Your Images with Zero Quality Loss

You don’t just text when using WhatsApp or other apps. You send a ton of images as well. So, beyond chat history, PhoneRescue also comes to save your images. It enables you to view all app pictures from your iTunes or iCloud backup, and restore them with no quality loss at all.

What Other App Files Can Be Safely Rescued?

More than chats and images, PhoneRecue is able to recover all files once stored in the app. The voice messages you sent, the video clip someone shared, the documents or PDFs you received, or just any other files. As long as you need it, PhoneRescue will safely rescue it for you.

Your Privacy Stays Absolutely Private and Confidential

PhoneRescue believes data recovery shouldn’t come at the expense of your privacy. That’s why it is designed as the read-only software, and never retains or leaks any of your app data or account info in any way. You are the only one who can access and manage your own data.

Retrieve All Your iOS & Android Data, Never Lose A Single Byte Ever Since

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