How to Turn iPhone on & off, Place it to Sleep Mode?

Compared to Android OS, iOS device is different. This article will show how to turn iPhone on/off, place it to sleep mode and Do Not Disturb Mode for iOS novice or get accustomed to Android OS user.

Joy Taylor Last Updated: Sep. 21, 2020

For mobile users getting accustomed to Android OS, it is really hard to suit the iOS system. However, plenty of users prefer Apple products due to its advanced features. One of them is sleep mode, which means you can put the iPhone to sleep when you need to save power or silence notifications and calls. Then how to put the iPhone to sleep?

In iOS 14 and watchOS 7, Apple introduced a new Sleep Tracking feature that allows you to track how much sleep you get each night and improve your sleep habits using bedtime reminders and a tapering process.

Here in this post, we will introduce what is the Sleep mode on iPhone, how to put it to sleep with the Sleep/Wake button, and the Do Not Disturb feature, which can be used when you’re going to sleep. Also, there is a way to stop the iPhone from going to sleep mode. Keep reading and know the details about sleep mode.

Part 1. What is iPhone Sleep Mode

Since you may not want your iPhone turned on all the time, you can turn the phone off or keep it locked or put it to sleep mode. iPhone Sleep Mode can be activated when you press the Sleep button or turn on Do Not Disturb.

So Sleep mode is: Your iPhone is asleep when it’s not off but the screen is dark. And you can place iPhone to Sleep Mode with two methods below:

  • When the iPhone is in a locked and dark screen: It can receive incoming calls, messages, notifications and etc. And you can use the Sleep/Wake button on iPhone to turn off the display, going to sleep when you’re not using the device.
  • As the picture shows below, on iPhone 6 and later (including iPhone with Face ID and Home button), the Sleep/Wake button is on the right side of the devices, also named Side button. And on iPhone 5 and earlier, you can find the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the devices.
Where is the Sleep/Wake Button on iPhone

Where is the Sleep/Wake Button on iPhone

  • When Do Not Disturb is on, calls and notification can be silent.
Do Not Disturb is On

Do Not Disturb is On

Next, we will introduce how to put the iPhone to sleep with the Sleep button and Do Not Disturb button. Also, you can check the way how to stop the iPhone from going to sleep mode.

Part 2. How to Put iPhone to Sleep

1. Use the Sleep button

How to Wake and Unlock iPhone

As mentioned above, when you press the Sleep/Wake button on the iPhone to turn off the display, iPhone will lock for security and go to sleep when you’re not using the device. And also, you can use the button to wake and unlock the iPhone when you use it again.

  • To wake iPhone from sleep: Press and release the Side button or Sleep/Wake button, or tap the screen for iPhone X and later models. Also, you can turn on Raise to wake (Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Toggle Raise to wake green).
  • To unlock iPhone: Wake iPhone and then enter iPhone passcode, or with Face ID or Touch ID. 

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1. If you just get your iPhone, and it is the first time to turn it on, you should set up and activate it first. By the way, a SIM card is needed during this process.

2. Sometimes if you find you can’t turn on your iPhone after an iOS update, you can try to fix it with the help of AnyFix – iOS System Recovery.

  • To turn off iPhone: If you want to turn iPhone off to save power or restart/reset iPhone,
  • For iPhone X and later models, press and hold either the volume button and the side button until the power off slider appears, then drag the slider to turn off.
  • For iPhone 6/7/8 and SE(2nd), press and hold the side button until the power off slider appears, then drag the slider to turn off.
  • For iPhone 5 and earlier and SE(1st), press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the power off slider appears, then drag the slider to turn off.

Since all apps running will be shut down when turning off the device, the remained power will be kept in case some emergence happened. Moreover, to prevent being disturbed by others, any form of messages cannot be transferred.

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2. Set Do Not Disturb

If you want to protect you from being disturbed while in a meeting or sleeping, the Do Not Disturb Mode is necessary. In that mode, the setting dims display, silences calls, and notifications while your iPhone is locked until the end time (the time can be scheduled with yourself).

Meanwhile, you can also allow calls selectively beforehand. In other words, the permitted calls you set in this mode can still reach you. Just go settings to set up if there is a need. Below are the steps to set Do Not Disturb and Scheduled time:

How to Turn on Do Not Disturb

Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Turn on Do Not Disturb to silence calls and notifications.

Turn on Do Not Disturb

Turn on Do Not Disturb

Set Scheduled Time and Allowed Calls

  • Turn on Scheduled under Do Not Disturb > Tap From To, set the beginning and ending times for quiet hours > Turn on Dim Lock Screen. It will be applied for the time period you select to dims the lock screen and send notifications to the Notification Center during that time.
  • To silence while the iPhone is locked, choose While iPhone is Locked.
  • To allow incoming calls, tap Allow Calls From and select No One or Favorites.
Set Scheduled Time and Allowed Calls

Set Scheduled Time and Allowed Calls

Part 3. How to Stop iPhone from Going to Sleep Mode

iOS devices will default to enter into Sleep Mode when you undo actions for two minutes. If you don’t want your iOS device to go to sleep: Open Settings > Click Display & Brightness > Tap Auto-Lock, here you can change the time for 30 seconds or 1 minute to turn off the display. Also, you can choose Never to stop the iPhone from going to Sleep Mode.

Stop iPhone from Going to Sleep Mode

Stop iPhone from Going to Sleep Mode

The Bottom Line

The guide introduces what is sleep mode on iPhone, how to place it to sleep mode, including use the Sleep/Wake button and Do Not Disturb feature in detail. For any further doubts, please let us know in the comments below. 

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