4 Methods to Fix iPhone X Face ID Not Working

Want to know how to fix iPhone X Face ID not working? Or you are suffering from iPhone 10 Face ID failing? Don’t worry. Check this guide for possible solutions right now.

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Setting the marker for the next ten years to come, iPhone X has finally reached us. It is not just advertisement words to catch user’s eyes, but truly iPhone X brings a lot of new features and technology, never seen before in the mobile industry, such as OLED screen, TrueDepth camera, Animoji, A11 Bionic chip, wireless charging, Face ID, etc.

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Undoubtedly, iPhone X Face ID feature must be the one that most Apple fans are concerned about, not just about its fancy, but also about its possible problems users may encounter. Because this technology is firstly introduced though, just like when touch ID firstly comes. So in this guide, our iMobie team has collected the most possible and practical solutions to iPhone X Face ID not working in the following. Check them now.

iPhone X Face ID

iPhone X Face ID

How to Fix iPhone X Face ID Not Working

Even though Apple says there will be only 1: 1,000,000 chance that random stranger’s face can unlock your iPhone X, it still has the low possibility, much better than Touch ID’s 1/50,000, there is still chance that iPhone 10 Face ID fails recognizing your face, isn’t there.

So when your Face ID not working, what can you do with this Face ID problem? Before we head to the practical solutions, you need to make sure that you are using Face ID the right way:

1. Check if the TrueDepth camera is covered with a case, a screen protector, residue or dirt.

2. Ensure that your eyes, nose, and mouth are fully visible to the TrueDepth camera.

3. Face ID is designed to work with many glasses. However, if you are wearing the glasses that block certain types of light, then you can remove it for trying.

4. To make Face ID work perfectly, your iPhone X must be in portrait orientation.

5. Keep your iPhone at arm’s length or closer (10-20 inches) from your face.

6. When you are outside in bright sunlight, make sure to change the position of your iPhone 10 so that the sun isn’t directly behind you.

If iPhone X Face ID is still not working after checking and doing these things, you can try the following methods to fix it.

Method 1. Turn Off and On Face ID

Step 1. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Use Face ID > Disable iPhone Unlock.

Step 2. Press and hold the side button and either volume button > drag the slider to turn off your device > Then, press the side button until Apple logo appears on the screen.

Step 3. Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Use Face ID > Enable iPhone Unlock.

Now, try using Face ID again. It should work now, on most occasions. If it doesn’t, move on with method 2 in the following.

Method 2. Reset Face ID

This way is removing all the existing mathematical representations of your face and make another new Face ID. Open Settings >Face ID & Passcode> Reset Face ID > Now, set up the new Face ID.

Method 3. Reset All Settings

Reset All Settings option works for many iPhone problems, including this Face ID nor working. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Rest All Settings.

Method 4. Ask for Help from Apple

Even though the methods above can solve the iPhone X Face ID failing issue, most times, if these do not work for you, you need contact help from Apple.

Besides iPhone X Face ID failing, our team has also collected other common questions, or issues related to Face ID, you may concern about. Check them now.

Will iPhone X Face ID Work in the Dark

Just like touch ID, no matter no light, or low light, your face remains scannable to iPhone X Face ID, with a flood illuminator. Then the dot projector captures you with 30,000 points for identification purposes. There is no need to worry about how the light is, as long as you look at the TrueDepth camera directly, and you can unlock it.

Can iPhone X Face ID Work through Scarves, Beards, Glasses, Sunglasses

When you set up iPhone X Face ID, iPhone X will just memorize the face with the dressing up then. Does it still recognize you when you change, such as scarves, beards, glasses, etc?

iPhone X Face ID uses the Neural Network block in Apple’s A11 Bionic system-on-a-chip, it continually learns and adapts to how your face, facial hair, hairstyle, and facial coverings vary over time.

With the dot projector making up to 30,000 points available, there’s a lot of data for Face ID to work with. Apple also built and tested the system to make sure it works under the widest varieties of conditions possible.

Does iPhone X Face ID Work with Touch ID Apps

We know that all of apps at App Store are allowed to download with touch ID. So on iPhone X, without touch ID, can we still access the apps?

Yes, touch ID apps will also work with Face ID. Apple has abstracted away from the implementation details and simply lets the app ask for biometric authentication. If the ID matches, the app will be authorized.

App developers can also require Face ID for the second factor insecure apps, and generate and use ECC keys inside the Secure Enclave that can be unlocked by Face ID.

How Animoji Works with iPhone X Face ID

Animoji is another amazing feature to bring fun to users. But how does the Animoji work? Apple has a separate system, built into ARKit. It provides basic face tracking for Animoji. All it does is provide rudimentary mesh and depth data, though. It never touches Face ID data or the Face ID process.

The Bottom Line

By applying these methods above, you can totally fix iPhone X Face ID not working. Also if you have found other practical methods, please share it in the comments, to help more users. And if you find this guide working for you, also please share it with others, to help more. Thanks.

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