How to Fix iPhone Swipe Up Not Working with 9 Methods

If iPhone swipe up has suddenly stopped working, don’t panic and follow our guide below as it offers some of the solutions to fix the issue – swipe up not working on iPhone model. We have got multiple methods covered in the guide for you.

Joy Taylor Last Updated: Jul. 21, 2020

Many times you will find that the swipe up menu is not working on your iPhone. It could be due to a variety of reasons. Maybe there are some incorrect settings on your device that are causing the issue or maybe there are some problematic options in the swipe up a menu that are causing the whole feature to crash.

Regardless of what’s causing the issue, we are sure you would be more interested in learning how to fix the iPhone swipe not working issue on your device. Our guide below offers some of the best fixes to help you get around the issue on your iPhone 11/X/XS (Max)/XR or any other models for that matter. Head to have a check.

How to Fix iPhone Swipe Up Not Working

Fix 1: Try to Use iOS Repair Tool with 1-Click and without Data Loss

If you encounter iPhone swipe up not working and apps won’t close, even that iPhone can’t back to home screen, firstly you can try an iOS repair tool. It is AnyFix, which is designed to fix 50+ iPhone problems. Here are some main features that can help you out with the problems.

  • It’s capable of fixing the most stuck issues, iPhone won’t restart, touch screen not working and other iPhone system problems.
  • No data will be erased under Standard Repair mode.
  • Also, it provides three repair modes based on different situations to get the highest success rate. 

First, download AnyFix on computer and here is the step by step guide you can check:

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1: Launch AnyFix and connect iPhone with the USB cable > Once the interface below displayed, click System Repair.

Tap on System Repair

Tap on System Repair

Step 2: Choose iPhone Problems and tap on Start Now > Choose Standard Repair mode to continue.

Step 3: AnyFix will check your iPhone model and click Download button to get matching firmware > When download finished, just tap on Fix now. It will ask you to enter recovery mode if you didn’t enter before.

Step 4: Once your iPhone entered recovery mode, AnyFix will automatically start to repair your device. Wait a while and when the recovery process is completed, you will see the completed page as below.

Repair Completed

Repair Completed

Fix 2: Force Reboot Your iPhone

Sometimes as simple as rebooting your iPhone resolves many issues on the device. If your phone is refusing to shut down normally, you can force reboot it using a special key combination as shown below.

For iPhone 8 or earlier, or iPad, press and hold the Top (or Side) button until the slider appears. For iPhone X/XS (Max)/XR, you need to press and hold the Side button and either volume button until the slider appears on the screen.

Fix 3: Enable Control Centre on the Lock Screen

If the swipe for iPhone is not working when your iPhone is locked, you have probably not enabled the Control Centre to work when your device is in the locked status. It is extremely easy to enable the Control Centre feature on your lock screen and the following shows how to do it.

On your iPhone, open the Settings app and tap on Control Centre to open the swipe up menu settings. Then, turn the toggle for Access on Lock Screen to the ON position. It will allow the Control Centre feature to be accessed even when your iPhone is locked.

Fix iPhone Swipe Up Not Working - Turn on Control Centre for Lock Screen

Fix iPhone Swipe Up Not Working – Turn on Control Centre for Lock Screen

Fix 4: Enable Access to Control Centre within Apps

While playing games and doing certain kind of activities on your iPhone, you may have likely triggered the Control Centre to open up at least once in your life. To prevent that from happening, there is an option on your iPhone that allows you to control the opening of Control Centre while you are using apps on your device. You can enable the feature and allow Control Centre to be accessed from within apps and that should resolve your iPhone swipe not working issue.

On your iPhone, open the Settings app and tap on Control Centre. It will open the Control Centre settings menu on your screen. You will find an option that says Access Within Apps. Turn the toggle for the option to the ON position and the feature will be enabled on your iPhone 6S or whatever iPhone model you are using.

Fix iPhone Swipe Up Not Working - Enable Access to Control Centre within Apps

Fix iPhone Swipe Up Not Working – Enable Access to Control Centre within Apps

Fix 5: Remove Problematic Options from the Control Centre

Control Centre consists of many options that let you perform specific tasks right from your swipe up menu. When an option or two are broken in the Control Centre, they will prevent the entire menu from properly working on your iPhone. Therefore, it is advised that you remove the problematic options from the Control Centre on your device.

Head to Settings > Control Centre > Customize Controls and remove the ones you think are the cause of the issue.

Fix 6: Turn Off VoiceOver on iPhone

The VoiceOver feature often gets in the way of the Control Centre menu and therefore you should disable it before you start using the swipe up menu on your iPhone 6 or any other model that you use. VoiceOver can be turned off from the settings app as shown below.

On your iPhone, launch the Settings app on your iPhone and head to General > Accessibility > VoiceOver and turn the toggle for VoiceOver to the OFF position. It will disable the feature on your device.

Fix iPhone Swipe Up Not Working - Turn off VoiceOver on iPhone

Fix iPhone Swipe Up Not Working – Turn off VoiceOver on iPhone

Fix 7: Remove Problematic Cases or Covers

If you have noticed, the above methods will only work when the cause of the issue is a software glitch. If you have applied a case or a cover that’s causing the issue, the above methods won’t work for you.

There are a number of cases and covers available for iPhones and some of them just don’t fit well with the phone and cause issues like swipe up menu not working. In that case, try removing the case or cover and see if you are able to access the Control Centre menu.

Fix 8: Reset All the Settings

If you have been using your iPhone for a long time and have made a ton of customizations to it, something may have got broken and is causing issues with the Control Centre menu. The best way to get around the issue is to reset all the settings on your iPhone which is a quick and an easy task to do.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on General followed by Reset. You will find an option saying Reset All Settings. Tap on it and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your settings.

Fix iPhone Swipe Up Not Working - Reset All Settings

Fix iPhone Swipe Up Not Working – Reset All Settings

Fix 9: Restore iPhone via iTunes

If all these methods above are not working on your device, you may have to try to restore your iPhone via iTunes. Generally speaking, the restore tip would solve most of iPhone issues.

  1. Connect your iPhone to a computer. Usually, iTunes will pop up automatically. If not, you may open it yourself.
  2. Click on the device icon, and tap the Restore iPhone.
Restore iPhone to Fix the Swipe up Not Working Issue

Restore iPhone to Fix the Swipe up Not Working Issue

The Bottom Line

If the iPhone swipe up menu is not working for some reason on your iPhone, our solutions above should help you get rid of the issue on your device. You should then be able to access the swipe up menu without any issues on your iPhone model.

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