How to Fix Samsung Touch Screen not Working Quickly

Are you depressed with issues like Samsung touchscreen not working and want to fix it quickly? Now you don’t need to worry about as this article will provide you solutions to such issues.

Joy Taylor Last Updated: Mar. 20, 2020

Touchscreen technology is advancing day by day but problems like touchscreen not working on Samsung and other brands are now becoming a general problem. Basically, touchscreen allows you to smoothly operate your Smartphones. But this issue will hinder your cellular activity and make the situations worse when you are unable to perform any activity. There are some common reasons which configure the cause of Samsung touchscreen not working:

Nasty apps: Most of the applications gets corrupted and the crash the phone system and makes the touchscreen insensitive.

Screen Damage: External factors like screen damage, temperature variants, magnetic field etc can be responsible for Samsung touchscreen not working.

Android crash or system error: While making the system changes there are chances that the Android may crash.

How to Fix Samsung Touchscreen not Working

Tip 1. Force Reboot your Samsung Phone.

If you are facing an issue with touchscreen not working Samsung then force reboot is a sensible option. For this, you need to press the volume down key and the Power key for more than 20 seconds. This activity will make your device run smoother and faster with a proper response on the touchscreen.

Force Reboot your Samsung

Force Reboot your Samsung

Tip 2. Remove Memory Card & SIM Card.

While performing multiple functions, Smartphone heats up and this hampers its performance. It also affects the touchscreen and makes it irresponsive. Removing your Memory card & SIM card can be a better way to resolve this issue.

Note: Always Unmount your SIM and Memory card before removing them. There can be chances that your data might get deleted.

Remove Memory Card & SIM Card

Remove Memory Card & SIM Card

Tip 3. Boot the Device in Safe Mode.

When the above methods do not perform what is required then, you can boot your Samsung device into safe mode. This procedure will help you in recognizing the problem as if the newly installed application is the reason behind this.

For this, you need to press the Power Button for a longer duration until you see Power Menu Option on the screen. Now, long press the Power Off button and the message will appear on the screen asking you for Reboot. After performing this of the device works properly then it is for sure that the last installed app creating the issue.

Boot the device in Safe Mode

Boot the device in Safe Mode

Tip 4. Boot your Phone in Recovery Mode and Wipe Cache.

If you are still facing the issue of Samsung touchscreen not working then simply try to boot your device in the Recovery Mode. Factory resetting will erase all your data and try to be in safe hand while performing this activity.

Note: This process will erase all your data and all you need is to create a backup and restore your device data safely.

Boot your Phone in Recovery Mode

Boot your Phone in Recovery Mode

Tip 5. Backup your Data and Reset your Phone.

Creating a backup before you reset your device is a sensible option for every user. Mostly while resetting the device all your data might get erased. For this, you can Sync your data with the Gmail Account. Recheck by logging on to your Gmail Account to confirm the backup. Now, smoothly perform the factory reset and make your Samsung Device to reboot. After this process, you can restore all your data from the Gmail account. Some third-party software also assists in creating a backup and restoring data. This process can assist you in the queries like touchscreen not working Samsung.

Backup your data and Reset your Phone

Backup your data and Reset your Phone

Part 2. How to Backup Samsung Data with AnyTrans for Android

Users who are depressed with the problem like Samsung Touchscreen not working can try to overcome this issue effectively by resetting their Samsung device. But such processes are to be done carefully as this might erase all your data if you fail to make a backup. Using the Gmail account is a sensible option but there some cons to this process as well.

AnyTrans for Android is a reliable third party software which works effectively to perform this activity. Data is vital no matter which Samsung device you are operating. Samsung owners have various methods to back up their data and AnyTrans is the best option till date. Being developed by iMobie, this software is now the leading choice, especially for the Samsung users.

The reasons being:

·         Allows you to back up your data on Samsung to computer in just a few clicks.

·         Its smart algorithm allows users to select the path and save the files anywhere.

·         AnyTrans is highly compatible with all the Samsung Devices.

·         While creating the backup there is no data loss or damage.

Initially, you need to download AnyTrans for Android to your computer and install it. Now, launch AnyTrans in your PC/Mac.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Connect your device to your computer and connect it to the USB cable. Choose Content to Computer.

How to Backup Samsung Data with AnyTrans for Android – Step 1

How to Backup Samsung Data with AnyTrans for Android – Step 1

Step 2. It will display you all the data on Samsung Device. Select the content you want to create the backup (for example Contacts) and then click Next button to start.

How to Backup Samsung Data with AnyTrans for Android – Step 2

How to Backup Samsung Data with AnyTrans for Android – Step 2

All your data is saved as a backup on your computer, now you can easily reset your device and configure the issues of Samsung Touchscreen not working.

The Bottom Line

These days problems like Samsung Touchscreen not working is a depressing major group of users. Above you can perform all the solutions to make the touchscreen working. But while performing them it is vital to create a backup and restore of your Samsung device data, unless your data may get hampered or lost. AnyTrans for Android is a reliable Third party tool which can assist you in creating the backup of your important data and within few clicks, you can perform this activity. Just download it and have a free trial now.

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